For Pret-Amoda – What the Swish Set are Wearing

If like me you love to shop online, you have probably already been onto the Pretamoda site. If not, do check out my blog posts and their products, you won’t be disappointed (oh and they ship worldwide, even to the Phillipines!).

the saunterer for pret-amoda

Fashion is definitely what you make of it, you really shouldn’t follow trends to the tee. In fact at the recent store launch of Shivan & Narresh in Mumbai, some of fashion’s most stylish were there and all dressed to express their personality. I’ve decoded some of the elements from their outfits, it’s no surprise that accessories are really what made the difference. Take a look and see what has to offer, they have many items similar to what was seen at the event.

for pretamoda rings

Whether you’re going simple or OTT with your outfit, I saw a lot of massive rings that really made a statement. Chunky stones or tribal influenced, you’ve got to get one  (or more). There are many options available, but  one of these from Sweta Parikh are  going to speak volumes about your dress sense.

for pretamoda shoes

Don’t shy away from unusual looking heels this season, you might love your neutrals, but these are bound to make every one envious. Verushka and Bash have bright coloured and interesting detailing styles of shoes that are sure to be a conversation starter.

for pretamoda bling

Metallics are huge this season, if you’re not one for matt sheen, then do a little bling with sequined tees. Make sure to layer with a blazer or a scarf so it’s just  hint of sparkle. These options by T-Republic and  No Nuts Please are perfect for layering.

by Sue Castellino for


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