Celebrity Spotting: Hot or Not – Pajama chic?

We’ve all had those days where we’d like nothing better than to stay in and wear our pajamas. As luck would have it, this trend is making a comeback. However, there is a fine line between looking night time sensual and straight up sleepy.

deepika padukone 3.jpg

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Shoe Bites: Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Diamonds

anne hathaway

The only thing brighter than Anne Hathaway’s smile after winner her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress was her drop dead gorgeous diamonds. This Tiffany & Co necklace was the only saving grace about her entire look. While the dress isn’t that bad, we have come to expect so much more from Hathaway. The fabric of her Prada dress looks very laboured over and not in a good way. Who can get their eyes off that necklace? I’m not sure if it was worn back to front, but from the looks of it, it might have. I wish the dress had more drama in front than at the back, going backless seems to be the in thing these days, but aren’t we a bit fed up of the same thing in different packages?

High Heel Celebrities: The 55th Grammy Special, Rihanna, Beyonce & Katy Perry

Celebrity #1: Rihanna

Wearing: (L-R) Azzedine Alaia dress,  Archive Luciano Soprani dress, (Red carpet) Azzedine Alaia custom made dress
Location: Grammy Awards
Picture Courtesy The Celebrity City.com


Celebrity #2: Beyonce

Wearing:  Osman Yousefzada monochrome jumpsuit
Location: The Grammy awards
Picture Courtesy Justjared.com


Celebrity #3: Katy Perry

Wearing:  Daring Gucci mint green gown and Jimmy Choo heels
Location: The Grammy awards
Picture Courtesy The celebrity city.com

katy perry

Shoe Bites: Makes you Wanna Scarf

A colleague of mine commented the other day, that I was one of the few people who wore a scarf without looking like a secretary. A half baked compliment I’m sure, but it got me thinking. A pretty and unique scarf can make any drab outfit look interesting. Looking at Jessica Alba and Sofia Vergara above, I’d say that is evidence enough.

Scarves need not be just a rectangular piece of cloth, these days they are sequined and even have jewellery attached to them. There are soo many options out there, so it’s really up to you to find a one that you feel will compliment your wardrobe. Here are some of my picks from Pret-amoda.com, I really like the mirror work one, maybe I can squeeze it into my shopping budget this month?!

by Sue Castellino for pret-amoda.com

Shoe Bites: Blake Lively Gets the Major Love Stamp!

Blake Lively, Savages

It’s not everyday that a beauty look catches my eye, but this one is going down in my, Major Love list. Blake Lively better be sending her make up & hair stylist some Louboutins because her make up is flawless and her hair is perfect. It’s glamour at it’s best, from the long eyelashes to the crimson lip, this should be proof enough that when it comes to makeup, the classics always prevail. I don’t know if the movie Savages is going to be any good, but this red carpet appearances has given me enough reason to go watch it. Even if she doesn’t look this glammed up, this picture is going to be etched in my memory. I’m going to be hunting on youtube to find a make and hair tutorial for this look. I’d love to have this hair do every day for the rest of my life. Please God? Hear my prayer!

For Pret-Amoda – What the Swish Set are Wearing

If like me you love to shop online, you have probably already been onto the Pretamoda site. If not, do check out my blog posts and their products, you won’t be disappointed (oh and they ship worldwide, even to the Phillipines!).

the saunterer for pret-amoda

Fashion is definitely what you make of it, you really shouldn’t follow trends to the tee. In fact at the recent store launch of Shivan & Narresh in Mumbai, some of fashion’s most stylish were there and all dressed to express their personality. I’ve decoded some of the elements from their outfits, it’s no surprise that accessories are really what made the difference. Take a look and see what pret-amoda.com has to offer, they have many items similar to what was seen at the event.

for pretamoda rings

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Shoe Bites: Shivan & Narresh are Finally in my City!

Shivan Narresh launch

I’ve been keeping this bottled up ever since they told me at the beginning of the year that they are looking out for store space in Mumbai. Finally last tuesday, after a lifetime of silence (on my part) they finally opened up their doors. This had to be the first Shivan & Narresh event where I wasn’t wearing the label, which would explain why Shivan was giving me the ‘why that top with that skirt’ look. Boys if you reading this, don’t worry now I know where to go get some proper clothes! *hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink* Continue reading

Shoe Bites: Say it Isn’t So, Heidi Klum Can’t you Seal it with a kiss?

Please make up, Heidi Klum, Seal, Heidi Kulm Divorce, Seal Divorce

I think I’m most sad about this news. I haven’t been reading American tabloids for a while and this came as such a shock that Heidi Klum and Seal who looked like the picture perfect baby making machine duo. I really do hope they can work their differences out, because they always seemed so in love. Could all those adorable Heidi and Seal red carped pictures have be deceiving? Only time will tell