Shoe Bites: Top 5 Mid-Work Week Songs to Beat the Stress

Since my blogs have died down, you can probably guess that I’ve got a new job. A lot of the ‘new’ these last few months…a new job, new haircut, a new me, new view on life and definitely a happier me. There are those tiring days though, where you come home and fall onto your sofa and the only thing that makes you move an inch is some calm and melancholy music. I always say, you should start your day with beautiful jazz music, but go to sleep with acoustic reggae/R&B or unplugged versions of popular songs.

#1: Turn the lights down low – Bob Marley with Lauryn Hill

#2: Call me a Spaceman – Collin Mcloughlin (Originally a Hardwell track)

#3: Cry me a river – Edei (Justin Timberlake cover)

#4: Glad you Came cover by Noah (all his covers are amazing, subscribe on youtube)

#5: Titanium cover by Boyce Avenue