26. Penny (made it to the 34th floor)

Hey blog world, this is Penny who is an absolute pain, especially if you’re hanging out with her for 16 hours without a break. It’s additionally tiresome to deal with Penny when one (me) has given up alcohol for lent. She is definitely not someone to mess with, she’s been known to hurt toes and even makes holes in carpets, so beware! We hung out on the first day of Lakmé Fashion Week Summer Resort 2012 where we started off the day figuring out why there was a wet t-shirt contest and ended it with the best view of the city.  Continue reading

Toe Tappers: Michael Bublé ‘Feeling Good’

michael buble

Let me break it down for you, I am in full heart thumping L-O-V-E with this man. Michael Bublé makes me go weak in the knees which is not good when you’re standing in 4 inch heels! His song ‘Feeling Good’ take him to a whole new level of suave, on par with James Bond, yes I said it! This video which is very 007 is a perfect campaign for the ‘Michael Buble for James Bond’ moment (I’m going to start). Don’t have anything against Daniel Craig, but Micheal is such a better fit for James don’t you think? If you have doubt watch this video and get ready to fall into a puddle on the floor at the sound of his voice!