Shoe Bites: Makes you Wanna Scarf

A colleague of mine commented the other day, that I was one of the few people who wore a scarf without looking like a secretary. A half baked compliment I’m sure, but it got me thinking. A pretty and unique scarf can make any drab outfit look interesting. Looking at Jessica Alba and Sofia Vergara above, I’d say that is evidence enough.

Scarves need not be just a rectangular piece of cloth, these days they are sequined and even have jewellery attached to them. There are soo many options out there, so it’s really up to you to find a one that you feel will compliment your wardrobe. Here are some of my picks from, I really like the mirror work one, maybe I can squeeze it into my shopping budget this month?!

by Sue Castellino for

Shoe Bites: Mia Kunia & Michelle Williams at Comic-Con

I would never have thought that Comic-Con would be a place for some serious high heel spotting. Mila Kunis and Michelle Williams came out for a photo opp and the panel for their latest movie Oz the great and Powerful. While I can’t say too much about the movie, I can admire their choice in heels. It’s good that Mila decided to wear a pair of lace Dolce & Gabbana heels, because that blazer outfit is such a bore. Michelle on the other hand is sweet as pie in her Giuseppe Zanotti heels and dress. I still can’t take my eyes off those pink suede peep toes, talk about serious envy!


Toe Tappers: Jennifer Lopez and My Louboutins

Before we get to the song… I want to share with you my Louboutin experience. My new job at Grazia has one BIG bonus, I get to be surrounded by incredible fashion when the stylists call it in for a photo shoot. Well this one shoot was begging for a pair of Louboutins, which is where I spotted them. While I didn’t get to keep them, I did for a moment, get to slip my toes into them.. ahh BLISS. now back to J.lo and the song.

Who knew J.Lo had a song named after our favourite heels!? Well my friend and fellow Christian Louboutin fanatic Leilah Zeenat youtubed the word Louboutin, et voila, this is what first came up. I’m not saying it’s an amazing song just cause it’s got the sacred word, but hey, I can’t help but like it. You think Jennifer got a pair every time she said Louboutin.. I do, she says it at least 50 times! The words aren’t too bad, especially when we think of those men who can’t make up their minds. Well we’d rather stick to our high heels than those flaky men, that’s for sure!