Shoe Bites: Ear Make-up… a trend?

ear art.jpg

Make up by Violette for Glamour Magazine. Image Courtesy

Clearly I’m not keeping up with the trends, because I thought ear jewellery was the only thing that was ever going to happen to the humble hear – besides, you know… hearing. But colour be stupid, because ear make-up is a thing now. before you dismiss it though, this trend has been popping up all over, from the runway of Louis Vuitton to photoshoots in magazines.

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Dare-to-Wear: Chiara Ferragni in Christin Dior

Every once in a while you stumble upon a trend that really has your inner fashionista jumping with joy. This week it happened to be Chiara Ferragni who turned up looking unbelievable at the Christian Dior couture 2016 show.  The Snapchat queen wore head-to-toe Dior and as far as I’m concerned never looked better.


Chiara Ferragni in Christian Dior at their couture show 2016. Image courtesy

This grey open front, open back top is the right type of sexy sophistication that every girl craves. Who would think that a design this “scandalous” would look so demure and lady like. There is obviously a taste line at play here, and Ferragni in this Dior ensemble nailed it.

Chiara Ferragni in Christian Dior at their couture show 2016. Image courtesy

Not everyone can pull this off, but it got me thinking, just how many women, no matter the body type would wear an outfit like this? Personally I would love to, give me a constructed top with peek-a-boo cut outs and a tailored pant any day. High street stores everywhere are already doing their version of this blouse, but how successful they are, is yet to be seen.

Would you Dare-to-wear?

Shoe Bites: Top 5 Positive Steps towards Happiness

Just turn on the TV nowadays and everything from the news to the series we watch are either violent, cynical or negative in nature. Things like this can effect a society as a whole, the more we’re exposed to a certain way of thinking the more we behave that way. The only ones who can change that is ourselves. Finding the positivity isn’t as hard as you may think. It’s the single-handed thing that will help pivot a day from bad to good, or on those horrible days – turn anguish into relief.


Picture Courtesy

Positivity is so important as it brings you closer to your natural state – which is a happy shiny person. The fundamentals of happiness in my opinion are – 1. Only you are in charge of your happiness. 2. No matter how much you try you can’t successfully help people be happy if they aren’t. Keeping that in mind here are my top 5 things to start you on your positivity journey towards happiness.

#1 – 15 min Meditation

sue aus.jpg

Me at the beach in Australia. #Tip: The best place to meditate is outdoor with a view of something beautiful.

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Shoe Bites: Epic Game of Thrones Style

Social meetings, dinner out with the boyfriend or even drinks with the girls have to be re-scheduled because it’s Game of Thrones night. It’s on every Tuesday here in India and nothing  comes between me and GOT. This love affair with the show doesn’t seem to be dying down and I kind of want to step up my ‘thonesy game’ – just watching isn’t enough.

The women in Game of Thrones have the coolest off-kilter style that any midieval fashionista loves. While I don’t want to look like a walking costume party, I do want to incorporate some dragon/armour pieces into my everyday wardrobe. Here are my top picks to achieve that thronesy style.

House Targaryen


Picture Courtesy

The Dothrakhi khaki days are behind her and  I much prefer the new polished breaker-of-chains Daenerys. Clean lines, strong silhouettes and metallic jewelry, that is the dragon queen’s style. Opt for statement reptile-esque jewelry pieces paired minimalist clothing to get her look.


Dress available at

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Shoe Bites: 2014 to Present Day – quick update!

It seems like a lifetime ago since I last wrote a blog for Elevated Saunterer. A lot of time and many experiences have unfolded and guess what.. I’m about to let you in what I’ve been up to. After moving back to my lovely Pune city, I decided it was finally time to stop procrastinating, gather up the courage and chase my dream – to open up my own fashion label.


Ridz Castell – founded by Sue Castellino and Reema Kudalkar

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Shoe Bites: The 10 min Happy Game


Image courtesy

While finding the most gorgeous pair of shoes is almost always an instant way to feel happy for me personally, it’s the sense of finding that perfect shoe and the essence of having the shoe that ultimately gives you that satisfaction. I hate to admit it but it wasn’t the actual shoe itself, although they are pretty awesome. Hypocritical I know, but just stay with me a minute, or however long it takes you to read this blog post.

I’ve been following the Secret and reading upon the law of attraction, and it has never failed me, and I’ve only been practicing it a couple of months. Through it I’ve manifested a car, a job, the people I want to be with and most importantly done away with a lot of insecurities that held me back. Continue reading

Shoe Bites: Louis XIII’s Decadent Decanter

Sitting in my inbox today was a ‘Greeting from the House of Remy Martin,’ to inform me of their new rare cask for their Louis XIII blend. While normally I’m not too fussed about launches of new beverages and the such, this bottle caught my eye. There is something very sensual about this little decanter, almost as if it belongs on a deep oak bar counter with 1920s flapper girls and sparkling crystals surrounding it. It does retail for a whopping 18,000 euros, so looks like this economy will not help the sales of this fine creature. If I did have a spare chunk of change though, this would be the perfect gift for a wealthy tycoon.


Decoding the Runway: Dev r Nil’s Silence Collection (Sneak Peek)

dev r nil aw 13.14 .2

Wills India Fashion Week is just around the corner, and with that means more amazing Indian Autumn/Winter collections. Dev r Nil sent me some pictures today with a sneak peek of what’s to come. They’ve been enchanted by the idea of a Samurai, Geisha and Monk that are experiencing a sense of silence. It’s that’s moment where leaves start to fall and winters start to set in, as they explain in their prose. Continue reading

Shoe Bites: Obessed with the Transparent

Ever since I saw a pair of clear heeled Prada heels come down the runway, I’ve been obsessed with things that are clear. Transparent clutches, bags, watches, sunglasses, you name it, there is something about them that makes me want to buy in bulk. The pieces have a sense of purity and pristine cleanliness that somehow fits into my wanting to be the ultimate minimalist. If you don’t know what I’m going on about, I’ve put together some of my most wanted transparent pieces, to whet your appetite.

The Prada Heels


Picture Courtesy Love Aesthetics

Transparent DIY Clutch (Have to try)

Transparent Clutch

Picture Courtesy A Pair and a Spare

Louise Ghost Chair by LexMod Philippe Stark


Picture Courtesy

Emporio Armani Sunglasses


Picture Courtesy Google Images

Jenny Packham Clutches

Jenny Packham Clutch

Picture Courtesy

Michael Kors Watch


Picture Courtesy

Acrylic Diamond Shape Ring

Picture Courtesy

Shoe Bites: Marc Cain’s Latest Spring Collection Hits Stores

Marc Cain has opted for two distinct looks for their spring summer collection; the white and black vs the fluorescent and floral. If you want to build a wardrobe of fashionable staples then this is the store to hit. I’ve rounded up my top three looks from the current in-store collection.

LOVE IT: This retro print biker jacket is a must, even though it’s hot outdoors, we’re never too far from an icy AC restaurant that gives us the chills.
WEAR WITH: Black razor back maxi dress and pink flip flops


LOVE IT: Another must this season is the B&W stripe garment, Marc Cain offers this flirtatious dress that is perfect for those Sunday brunches.
WEAR WITH: Over sized sunglasses and coral lip gloss


LOVE IT: This colour will look gorgeous on our dusky, sun-kissed skin tones, demand attention in this neon green, light knit cardigan.
WEAR WITH: Drape it over your shoulders with high waist shorts and a white tank.