Matching with the Monuments in Jaipur!

If you’ve been to my blog before, you know that I love to match, whether it’s travelling with a capsule collection where all my clothes match – OR trying to match the monuments I’m going to visit. I’m a bit extra, and it’s probably a habit I’m going to have to wean myself off of slowly.

Jaipur is a place that I love going back to. No matter who you go with, there is something new to explore every time. One of my favourite spots obviously is the hugely popular City Palace. The doors, the rooms and the pastels hues everywhere are as dreamy as you can imagine.

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Travel Hack: My Colour Coordinated Travelling Wardrobe

This travel or packing hack is one of my favourites – yes, I have a colour coordinated travelling wardrobe, and it works wonders (for me). It’s no secret that two of my favourite things are to travel and to look stylish doing it. It’s all about the gram these days, and when you have beautiful locations to shoot at, you want to look the part too.

colour coordinated travelling wardrobe

This is a feat that is often harder than it needs to be due to baggage allowances and how much I can physically haul. Another key point is where you’re travelling to, if it’s an easy journey, then travelling heavy isn’t an issue. However, if you’re going island hopping or to a place that is remote and you need to transport your bags all by your lonesome – then keeping things smart is the way to go. Continue reading

Decoding the Runway: Bridal Trends 2016-17


Monique Lhuillier Spring 2017. Image Courtesy

Maybe it’s the excessive amount of wedding shows on TV or all my friends getting married, but I am OBSESSED with wedding dresses. Brides these days are spoilt for choice, no matter the budget, style or body size (finally) there is a runway worthy dress out there. If your boyfriend just popped the question, you are one lucky bride, because the bridal fashions for 2016-17 are fabulous – almost anything goes! Continue reading

Shoe Bites: 2014 to Present Day – quick update!

It seems like a lifetime ago since I last wrote a blog for Elevated Saunterer. A lot of time and many experiences have unfolded and guess what.. I’m about to let you in what I’ve been up to. After moving back to my lovely Pune city, I decided it was finally time to stop procrastinating, gather up the courage and chase my dream – to open up my own fashion label.


Ridz Castell – founded by Sue Castellino and Reema Kudalkar

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Toe Tappers: Rita Ora and Snoop Lion – Torn Apart

Everything about this song, I absolutely adore. It’s got that great Reggae vibe that uplifts immediately upon hearing it. It’s got an awesome (forgive me for this description) booty bouncing bass line and that doesn’t even begin to cover it. First off, a Rihanna look a-like that can actually sing, talk about stardom! Yes, I’m a bit late on the Rita Ora band wagon, but I’m so excited that I get to experience her music. Apart from the fact that she’s singing with Snoop Lion, and that the video is in Thailand, where I have only the best and most warm memories. The added treat is that you get to see elephants in the video, I love elephants, my favourite animal ever.

 BUT.. the best part of it, are the clothes, all in white, and everything that I would personally wear, plus styled in a way that I would probably do myself. I mean talk about finding a song of the year. The lyrics also speak volumes of what is predominately on my mind, which is the quest for the perfect relationship. My favourite lyrics from the song are “I heard him speak but then I saw his face. I knew he was the one because I dreamt this day. I was such a beginner on this thing called love” Yes ladies it does exist, that love we’ve been dreaming of, the more we go through men and the experiences they put us through, the more I’m convinced that there is better out there, who is going to mysteriously turn up, in August, All 6 feet 3 or 4 inches of him. Hey, it’s my dream don’t judge, plus this song puts me in the feel good place, where you know that everything has worked out.

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’ve been annoyingly  (to most of my friends) happy and following the Law of attraction. It’s made me abundantly happy, and pushes me forward with relative ease to where I want to go in life, all while surrounding me with cooperative components in the form of rendezvous, people, experiences and mostly manifestations of true desires. I digress, but yes, this song definitely helps me wake up feeling so much more happier, which in turn makes the whole day just that tad bit sweeter.

Decoding the Runway: Jason Wu S/S 2013

This isn’t his latest showing, but since we’re going through the hottest summer, I felt I should focus on the Spring Summer collections. Just the thought of looking at fall’s heavy fabrics have made me break into a sweat.

Jason Wu put up a dreamy erotic collection for spring summer, the dainty with the cheeky, this designer really stepped out of his element and went with the provocative. Let’s not forget this is the same designer who dressed Michelle Obama for the Inauguration Ball, and yet also slipped onto Rosie Huntington-Whiteley a lingerie-est ensemble.

Jason Wu 2

A duality of aesthetic is what I most look for in any collection, every piece that came down the runway was something worth coveting. Nude and Black were the colours of choice, and how can you possible go wrong with a little leather thrown in there for added spice. The prettiness of a navy blue, star speckled dress was balanced by a S&M leather harness that brought a strength to the overall look.

Jason wu 1

The same can be said about the razor back sequined knit top worn with a flouncy net maxi skirt, that alone would have looked like it was meant for a ballet performance. However when worn with a sexy leather harness just took the entire look and sent it to high fahsion heaven.

jason wu 3

The best look of the show however, is the one piece teamed with a black chiffon cover up. Swap the Bulky bag for a whip and you’ve got yourself one risque outfit. Are we happy to see the inner Wu dominatrix displayed? I say yes, pretty can take a back seat for a while.


Decoding the Runway: Top 2 Picks from Lakme Fashion Week Day 2

Was a slow day for fashion yesterday, with some very high highs and some insipid lows. The pinacle was obviously Nupur Kanoi’s collection, which I reviewed last night. In the same time slot at Kanoi, Nishka Lulla and Nikhil Thampi also brought on their breezy summer collections.

Nishka Lulla

nishka Lulla

Picture Courtesy Lakme Fashion Week

Nishka is stepping into her own with collections that represent a small section of our generation that truly love no frill dressing. The collection was understated, casual and made for the sweltering Indian summer. Minimalist and earthy, these looks can be dressed up with some interesting jewellery to make them ultra urban.

Nikhil Thampi

Nikhil Thampi

Picture Courtesy Lakme Fashion Week

Thampi loves to show off a woman’s body in the most sensual way possible, his draped off shoulder dresses and backless garments are sought after by many young fashionistas. Yet it was this one pant suit, smart and sultry with it’s open back, that really stood out. The designer does have an eye for more structured outfits, and that’s where his real personality shines.

Decoding the Runway: Nupur Kanoi does it Again

Nupur Kanoi 1

Picture Courtesy Lakme Fashion Week

This bite size designer always packs a mean punch with her collections. This time around Nupur Kanoi has called to every fashion diva in us, with something to lust after. Giving new meaning to the Bronze Goddess, these metallic accented garments know just how to show off a woman’s body – by being predominantly covered up. Kathrine Hepburn and others who portrayed their femininity through androgynous dressing would be very proud of what Kanoi has put up.

Nupur Kanoi

Picture Courtesy Lakme Fashion Week

This collection was quintessentially Kanoi, if you see her jutting around or talking at the speed of light, you’ll notice that all her garments look best on her, yet suit every body type out there. This polymorphous range of clothing was a subtle play of the strong and gentle, the fluid yet structured. I couldn’t have asked for more from Nupur, except maybe a post show drink like we did last time this year!

Decoding the Runway: Top 5 picks of Lakme Fashion week Day 1

One of my favourite fashion weeks started yesterday, yes, we’re talking about Lakmé Fashion Week. Through the years of attending LFW, I’ve been so fortunate to meet the people who make the event happen. From backstage to the organizers, they’re a very talented and hard working bunch. None of the shows, stalls, parties and even gossip would be possible without them. Also, I loved calling the Grand Hyatt my home for a week.

Amalraj Sengupta

Amalraj Sengupta

Picture Courtesy Lakmé Fashion Week

A genius with stripes, this collection was smart and very modern. It’s a great statement to the global fashion community, that Indian fashion isn’t just about sequined saris. Every piece from this collection will enhance a wardrobe. The stand out pieces were the jackets, that worn with anything will look incredibly (for lack of a better word) chic.

Ragini Ahuja

Ragini Ahuja

Picture Courtesy Lakmé Fashion Week

A genNext designer with tremendous talent for the understated. This platform is usually home to outrageous, all personality clothing – a designer’s first impression to the fashion world. Ragini Ahuja decided to play to her strengths and kept the collection tame. Love the geometrical panther motif, and the start black and white colour palette. Can wait to see more from this designer.

Huemn by Pranav Mishra and Shyma Shetty

Huemn by Pranav Mishra & Shyma Shetty

Picture Courtesy Lakmé Fashion Week

I had the opportunity to meet both the designers last year at their stall, and believe me when I tell you the tailoring and quality of their collections are impeccable. This time around it wasn’t any different. There is a clear sense of identity and while there is a lot of layering, the essence of each garment is clean and minimalist. Something that’s very close to my own design aesthetic. Great work guys!