Decoding the Runway: Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2012 Couture

Jean paul gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier put up an incredible couture show, one that had a whole lot of sex appeal, statement silhoettes and most of all killer wedges. So many women have told me that they hate chunky heels because it makes their legs look fat,well girls get over it, because these are just screaming to be worn. Ultra high wedges with thread detail and style lines that compliment the shape of the foot, these are a must have for anyone who can afford it. Continue reading

Toe Tappers: The Black Keys ‘Dead and Gone’

I’m always on the look out for interesting music and well this one I heard at the office. I’ve just recently moved back to Bombay and actually go to an office (daily). We share our office with another company called Dynamite. They have a small group/duo of talented people working for them and I really wish I could get to know them better because they seem so interesting. Although, I’m presuming they don’t like us (me) because we’ve (me) tried striking up conversations and they don’t really respond!  Anyhow, one of the guys who sits next to me everyday played this and I was in LOVE with the band’s sound. So I mustered up enough courage to ask the young guy who the band and the name of the song was. I’m really glad I did, because this band’s music is similar to the stuff I used to listen to when I was younger. Hope you like it too, this one is Dead and Gone by the band The Black Keys.

the black keys

Continue reading

Decoding the Runway: Chanel (Pre-Fall 2012)

Chanel pre fall 2012

Good news for those who do like the Chanel Pre Fall 2012 collection, you can get an almost exact match to the flats you see above right here on Linking Road. In fact I think I even saw a pair of these gold beaded chappals about a year ago when I went shopping for my friend’s wedding. So not to worry, just a little search in your favourite markets and you’ll get one for what I presume is 1/billionth the price! Continue reading

Oh December, What a Month Part 3 – Wine and the Rajahs

Wow I didn’t think I’d need so many posts for all the things I did in december, and I’m not even adding all the events, just a few of the highlights! I think i’ll need another one, yikes! Well without further a do..

Poona Club Wine Festival

Wine Festival

L-R Me, Milan Pal, Anuja & Rashmi Alevoor, Below Cristabel Menezes and Percy Shadrach

200rs for 38 glasses of wine. Paisa VASOOL! Poona Club had a one day wine festival which included some of the best and not so best wines from all around India. Also there were stalls from Ter Tulia, Malaka Spice and ABC farms which has the best paprika and garlic cheese (must try if you stop by Pune). We got there pretty early around 4 and finally left at around 8/9 where we headed to a crowd who was swaying for other reasons.  Continue reading

Toe Tappers: Labrinth ‘Earthquake’ ft Tinie Tempah

I heard this song yesterday in a car that I call ‘Miami on Wheels’ a.k.a Natalie Grant’s Beemer. As she rightly puts it, this song is “so trippy yaa”. I had never heard of Labrinth until last night and boy am I glad I have now. The lyrics are hilarious, the soung is a mix of hip hop, dubstep and EDM. You would think that it would sound awful, but trust me it’s going to get stuck in your head and you’re going to be playing it on repeat.

Earthquake Labrinth

My Favourite line/verse from all the lyrics is.. So let me first apologise, To shirts and the ties, For your make up, Cuz I make you ugly! That is brill! Continue reading