Shoe Bites: What happened at Lap? Lady Gaga, Arjun Rampal, Shahrukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor

lady gaga

Screw Hollywood, I’m guessing the a film deal is in the works for Lady Gaga judging from how pally she looks with Arjun Rampal and Shahrukh Khan. Pictures do speak a thousand words, and the one above comes with a tweet, what could be better? But what about the picture below? Now now, don’t be so quick to judge, these handsome men have gorgeous wives.

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Toe Tappers: Robyn ‘Dancing on my Own’

I absolutely love Robyn, her music and lyrics have a way of connecting with modern day romances. Considering my current lack of a love life and the banker boy issues, her songs have been nothing but a great distaction. More than that though, she’s got a great sense of urban style that she likes to experiment with. I absolute heart the Alexander Wang dress she is wearing in this video. I’m sure after listening to this song you are going to want to listen to her others. I suggest ‘none of dem’, ‘call your girlfriend’ and my favourite ‘hang with me’, just a few to start with.  Continue reading

Shoe Bites: India’s First Formula 1 Race with Bollywood stars and Vettel’s Bhagra moves..say what?

f1 is here

I’ve never watched a Formula 1 race in my life, but how could anyone miss this epic moment? The first ever F1 race in India and what a success it was. What a triumph for a country that is known for bad roads, traffic and manic drivers!


The Winners of the first ever India Buddha circuit F1 GP were Sabastian Vettel in 1st place, Jenson Button (I melt) in 2nd place and Fernando Alonso in 3rd place. Doesn’t it look like Sabas is doing the bhangra in the picture on the right?! Can you imagine if he get a bollywood role, aussie cricketers get endorsement deals so, I’m sure we’ll be seeing these racers on Indian telly soon.

SRK and Sutil
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Decoding the Runway: Michael Kors

flat footed gladiator

Michael Kors knows how to dress a woman and make her look hip, glamourous, sophisticated and sexy all at the same time, this collection didn’t disappoint. His spring/summer 2012 collection had a definite African safari feel which he is only too good at. Where the clothes were feminine the shoes were masculine give the collection a balance of soft and edgy at the same time. Very butch gladiator sandals touching the knee in exotics leathers is typical Kors. Although I’m not sure I like the manly sole on the gladiator, had it been a tad more graceful it would have been on my crave list. Continue reading

Shoe Bites: Fashion Group International’s Night of Stars

jessica biel

Designers and fashion’s movers were out and about for the 28th Annual Fashoin Group International’s Night of Stars. Being awarded in the fashion category was Raf Simmon, Kate and Laura Mulleavy and Giambattista Valli. Jessica Biel looked event appropriate with in her Valli gown, but the look seemed out of her comfort zone. Daphne Guinness, avant garde’s favourite child was honored as a fashion Provocateur while Amar’e Stoudemire for Lord & Taylor’s Fashion Oracle. Take a look at the red carpet action from the event.  Continue reading

Toe Tappers: Dev – Booty Bounce

After watching this video I felt like I’ve been schooled on how to dress in an urban/80s/contemporary/artsy way. More informative than most contemporary fashion history lectures I had in college. Devin Star Tailes aka Dev  is the hottest thing to hit the music scene since.. Kesha, alright that isn’t saying much, but her beats and sick bass have a way of getting your head bobbing.

not one booty bounced

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