Decoding the Runway: Elie Saab

Ellie Saab

I’ve fantasized about wearing every sparkly gown in this collection and while it’s not my usual taste, I can’t help myself. Elie Saab’s latest Fall 2012 RTW collection takes you to a world of practical glamour. His women are strong, independent and take charge of their lives with or without a significant other. Now that’s the type of clothing all us girls need. HOWEVER..

Ellie saab

The day wear, which any RTW collection should be strong in felt lacking and busy. Mr.Saab is a Hollywood starlet’s dream, he makes some of the best gowns in the industry. So I shall focus on the evening wear section or better still, the two gowns apart from that gold amazement above (first picture). While you may not want to be dripping in gold, there are other options, like the beige drop V neck with slightly less sequins. The fully decadent green gown begs to be worn to a momentous event, I mean you just can’t afford to waste wearing it to something less worthy.

Ellie saab

It’s a good thing I was distracted by the magic of these gowns for as long as I was because I was SHOCKED, appalled even at the footwear. Did he forget that a woman needs a shoe as seductive as these dresses?  These chunky, passé heels aren’t fooling anyone. Not that they’re bad on their own, but when paired with this collection is just seems to have lost the plot.

Elie Saab, Magdalena Frackowiak

Ugly shoes of not, I would have loved to be part of that backstage action. These pictures from the thick of the green room show these dresses at their best. The actual pattern of the sequins and the fabric really come through in these candid moments. Also, if you haven’t already picked up a shade of grey nail polish (to compliment this grey monsoon), you might want to choose the colour seen on Elite model Magdalena Frackowiak .


One response to “Decoding the Runway: Elie Saab

  1. simple shoes are great with these dresses. His dresses are busy, no need to add more! 🙂

    Isn’t it amazing how he can pull off so much sparkle?

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