Monday Mood Board: India Couture Week Special – White and Gold

While sipping away on champagne and catching some rays yesterday, I began to browse through my Instagram feed and what followed was a few hours of fawning over some breath taking designs at India Couture Week. Seems like I’m not the only one obsessed with everything White and Gold, the designers were too. I can’t wait to see brides gravitate even more to this colour scheme, classic and screaming contemporary India, these creations are perfect for the Indian woman. Here is my list of top designs from India Couture Week 2016

Anamika Khanna

anamika khanna1

Picture Courtesy

It feels like a dream when you see Anamika Khanna’s creations in pictures, I can only imagine what it’s like to be sitting front row. A fluid drape here, cutwork embroidery there and a bit of sparkle to finish off the look – perfect on any woman, any size and any occasion. Continue reading


The Elevated Saunterer Spotted In Marie Claire & Vogue!!!

This was truly and epic week, first i find out I’m in and then a few days later I’m featured in Marie Claire magazine! what a great way to start the second month of the year huh!? Blessed!

The story behind Marie Claire

Marie Claire, Diesel Jeans, Angelina Jolie, Continue reading

The Elevated Saunterer Hearts: Shruti Thacker

shruti thackerWearing Anuj Sharma

Name: Shruti Thacker
Works for
A quote to describe herself: “Socially awkward since 1985”
How I met her: At a Vogue Style Class held at Oberoi/Hilton Towers
My favorite memory with her: Sitting on the first row at fashion week dissing a collection


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