Can’t Meditate? Try Pinterest


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Over the weekend, Netflix suggested I watch ‘Tony Robbins – I Am Not Your Guru’. What an experience that was, it is truly amazing to see how he just cuts straight to the heart of the situation and pushes people into addressing their issues and start living the life they want. His annual ‘Date with Destiny’ is pretty full on, and not for everybody, but what I really noticed from this documentary  was the man himself. In his down time, the camera caught Tony either meditating, jumping into a very tiny and freezing plunge pool (very cool!), doing his gratuity exercises and then tackling his busy busy day.

Now not all of us have the commitment to doing all those things, I mean I for one don’t have a plunge pool. I do however have a balcony I can meditate on and access to the internet. Now that’s an easy step to take to begin this self expansion journey. Meditating isn’t for everyone, and on the days I just cant sit still and quiet the mind, I prefer a materialistic quick fix. On days like that I take enormous pleasure in making boards on my pinterest account. A little white noise and endless images of pretty things are just the key to unlocking your imagination and pin pointing what you do and do not want in your life.

I have several boards on my pinterest, from my dream house, to giant diamond engagement rings, beautiful flowers, stunning landscapes, they are part of what I’d like to materialise in my life. These are pretty standard, and almost any girl with a pinterest account has these, but regardless it’s a great way to known beyond doubt that you want certain things and can’t stand others. TRUST ME, when you see an ugly wedding dress, you’ll know!

Every successful and holistically balanced person you’ve heard of probably does some sort of meditation, and while I vouch for it too, maybe it’s not for you, maybe you’re not in the right head space to begin, or maybe you don’t believe in it. But if you want to start building your life, getting clarity and stating your spiritual journey. Then I suggest swapping your 15 mins of mediation for pinterest. Who knows, maybe 10 years down the line, you come back to your account and realise you’ve achieved all you put into your boards!

And if all else fails…

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Tarot Thursdays: Work, Love and Guidance

Forenote: I’m not a professional tarot card reader, but I’m passionate about reading and interpreting messages, which may or may not hold true for you.

Over the last two years I’ve become more spiritual and feel a connection with God, the angels, whatever you want to call it. I often look to my oracle cards for guidance when I need it, which is why I want to spread those gentle messages with you. I thought I’d dedicate Thursdays to tarot and oracle cards. Almost anyone who feels spiritual can read the cards, its just about tuning in to what messages come through, and trying to to over analyse it. My process is simple, I say a little prayer, and then get as clear minded and calm as possible while shuffling and picking the cards.


Today I’m using the Unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper and I’ve pulled three cards, starting with a card for work, a card for love and a card for general guidance.



35 – Wishes. When I see this card, I’m drawn to the image of the well – where we’re pulling and pulling on the bucket to get a sip of refreshing water. Those of you having a hard time at work, or trying to find work, this card suggest that you will be getting that bucket of water – a wish you’ve been dying for, will be granted. However, there can be a difference between your true heart’s desire and what are you wishing for. The unicorns advise to be careful and only ask for what you truly want because it is coming to you. Quick, close your eye and really feel where you want to be in the next 1 year (or 10 years career wise), who knows, with all this wishful, magical energy, you might just achieve it!



6 – Dignity. In a relationship – If you’re having a little fight, or having feelings of uncertainty or being misunderstood by your loved one, then it’s time to hold your ground. Rise above the accusations, trials and negativity, be like the man in the center, open-armed and poised with dignity. Knowing that everything is going to work out. If you are single, this card is about acting with dignity, grace and charisma, because when you’re true to yourself, you’ll attract the right partner – one that is drawn to your positive attitude and personality. For some of you out there this card is about being dignified and showing the people around you that you live your life to high standards and nothing can shake you (or your partner).



13 – Honesty. It’s easier to sometimes be dishonest or cover the truth with a white lie, but the unicorns are urging us to live our life with utmost honesty, whether it’s with ourselves or with a situation or with people around us. Even if it’s hard to do, it will ultimately be reward with things that are way better than we can imagine. None of us really know what the future has in store for us, but being honest in thoughts and actions brings about major positive change. At first this might seem difficult, yet it is what’s required to achieve our goals and dreams. This is a good week to be truthful about any thing that been holding you back.