Believe the hype about El Nido, Palawan!

No Philippines vacation is complete without a trip to El Nido, Palawan. There are 7000+ islands that make up the Philippines, and if you had to choose just one, then it should be El Nido, Palawan.

Much has been said about the different islands and speaking from experience, the hype around many can’t be trusted. However, El Nido, Palawan doesn’t disappoint and lives up to all the blogger and drone hype you see online.

There are a couple of things you must do when in El Nido, Palawan such as check out the beachside restaurants, chill on the different beaches or hire a scooter and explore. However, if like me you are short on time and visiting for the first time, then you HAVE to:

Book A Private Boat For ‘Tour A’

El Nido Palawan, Shimizu Island

Shimizu Island

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Honest Review: Mithi Resort And Spa, Bohol, Philippines

This blog has been in the pipeline for a long while now and with the new year coming in fast – it’s time to get down to it and start dedicating time to writing things about what’s been up in my life.

mithi resort bohol philippines 2

Mithi Resort and Spa first caught my attention when I was scrolling through Instagram

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Shoe Bites: City Girls Can Cook, Here is Proof

Dinner for 1

In my earlier Toe Tapper’s post I wrote about how I cooked dinner for myself, well I suspected not many of you would believe I can actually cook, my mom and dad sure don’t! So here is the proof, a picture and with this picture I declare that city/career girls can also cook! Yes, it’s a simple meal of rice, dal, bhendi fry and karela salad. I know you think yuck, karela salad but try it out. I’m giving you the recipe, make it and let me know what you think. This is a filipino dish, the only think I learnt how to make there!  Continue reading

20. Keri (something smells like…FISH)


This is Keri, she’s so totally hott. I found myself unable to stop staring, don’t you hate girls like that?! I saw her as I was shopping for my first ever winner. Sorry Amrita, these are not it, but you’re high heels coming soon. Today, was a day to give my poor feet some pampering but before I could kick back and relax, I had a few things to take care of.  Continue reading

19. Lexie (discuses the damages of partying)

19 lexie

I thought it’d be fun to have a little chat with Lexie about our night a week ago. After all, it was eventful, what with all the bruises and the bills! We all like to party but honestly, hands up if you pre game before you go out because the clubs (and even local bars) charge you too much for just a small rum and coke!  That’s why I compared 2 bills, one from a night out in Pune and one from the Paul Van Dyk night. Don’t worry this isn’t all about numbers, I also have an embarrassing picture of my poor knee!  Continue reading

10. Bea (goes to the village)


As I mentioned in my last post with Lucy, today I’ll be moving to my new residence here in the Philippines. My new house, yes an actual house, I’m used to apartments you see being city girl and all. That’s why it s exciting to think I’ll be in a house with … a GARDEN! More on the house soon, especially since the neighbours have a pool, hoping they have some cute 27/28 year olds cute muscular boys! Just before leaving I thought I’d do a quick,’I”ll be back when I get internet post’. I must say though, I kind of want to take Bea with me, she’s been such a comfort for the last 3 weeks living in this hotel pent house. Continue reading

2. Daisy (not as cute as she looks)

World, meet Daisy – she’s cute but hurtful, just like high school mean girls we’ve dealt with in the past, but, let’s not dwell on that. They aren’t High Heels, but they deserve their story too. I decided to explore the city of Alabang (in the Philippines) and take in all the new things about this city. Unfortunately, this little city hasn’t got much for Daisy and I to do, so we headed for the Festival mall. Daisy being cute as ever met some boys, I however didn’t. Continue reading

1. Leah (the beginning)

After many suggestions I finally decided to start a blog of my own. Focusing on something I can’t get enough of – Footwear. Specifically high heels, I have about 73 pairs now and counting. This blog will be a collection of adventurers in my high heels. I have names for each of them and stories for almost all of them. Each month I shall be giving a special reader a pair of high heels, so she (or he, I know you flamboyant boys like your heels too!) can write in their high heel story.

Like I said before, high heels talk, these are their stories.


I spotted Leah on my 3rd day of being in the Philippines, if you’re a shoe addict then you need to visit. They have some of the best shoes designs, locally made with the added perk of being kind to the wallet. But, Back to Leah, I saw her at the end of my shopping trip, by this time I’d maxed out my last piso and my Indian cards didn’t work internationally. So, I settled for a test drive instead. Found my size 38 and tried them on.
These are the type of heels that make you want to go brunch with the ladies at a bistro on Sunday. While, laughing about all the men that walked out on you and the men that are now knocking on your door. Yet, I couldn’t buy her this time, so Leah goes into my ‘Chance’ list.
I don’t have ‘To buy’ lists (they’d be too long) instead this list allows to me to pick them up the next time I should come across them again. I think buying high heels should be spontaneous and not planned, hence the chance list. It’s almost like making destiny work a little harder to get you the pair you want.