Dare-to-Wear: Chiara Ferragni in Christin Dior

Every once in a while you stumble upon a trend that really has your inner fashionista jumping with joy. This week it happened to be Chiara Ferragni who turned up looking unbelievable at the Christian Dior couture 2016 show.  The Snapchat queen wore head-to-toe Dior and as far as I’m concerned never looked better.


Chiara Ferragni in Christian Dior at their couture show 2016. Image courtesy popsugar.com

This grey open front, open back top is the right type of sexy sophistication that every girl craves. Who would think that a design this “scandalous” would look so demure and lady like. There is obviously a taste line at play here, and Ferragni in this Dior ensemble nailed it.

Chiara Ferragni in Christian Dior at their couture show 2016. Image courtesy popsugar.com

Not everyone can pull this off, but it got me thinking, just how many women, no matter the body type would wear an outfit like this? Personally I would love to, give me a constructed top with peek-a-boo cut outs and a tailored pant any day. High street stores everywhere are already doing their version of this blouse, but how successful they are, is yet to be seen.

Would you Dare-to-wear?


High Heel Celebrities: Dita Von Tesse, Nicole Kidman & Venessa Paradis

Celebrity #1: Dita Von Tesse

Wearing:  H2T in red
Sidaction Gala Dinner, Pavillon d’Armenonville, Paris, France.

dita von tesse

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The Crave List: Lanvin and Arjun Rampal


What I’d Name Them: Hailey


arjun rampal

Who I’d go on a date with: Arjun Rampal

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High Heel Celebrities: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Penelope Cruz and Florence Welch

Celebrity #1: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Wearing: Marks and Spencer dress with Christian Louboutin shoes
Marks & Spencer  flagship store, Paris, France

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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High Heel Celebrities: Leighton Meester, Amber Heard and Demi Moore

Celebrity #1: Leighton Meester

Wearing: Christian Dior Dress and ‘ promenade’ bag with Louis Vuitton Mary Janes
Location: Christian Dior Fashion show, Paris

leighton meester

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The Crave List: Yves Saint Laurent, the Tribute Chain-Detailed Suede Sandals

I trust you’ve read all about my chance list, well this is my crave list, every shoe addict has one of these. Basically shoes you can’t afford (right now) but want and dream about everyday. These posts are going to be short and sweet, what I’d name them, where I’d wear them, What I’d wear them with and who I’d go on a date with (imagine big, or don’t imagine at all right?). 

What I’d Name them: Claire

Who I’d go on a date with: Leonardo DiCaprio

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