Toe Tappers: Rita Ora and Snoop Lion – Torn Apart

Everything about this song, I absolutely adore. It’s got that great Reggae vibe that uplifts immediately upon hearing it. It’s got an awesome (forgive me for this description) booty bouncing bass line and that doesn’t even begin to cover it. First off, a Rihanna look a-like that can actually sing, talk about stardom! Yes, I’m a bit late on the Rita Ora band wagon, but I’m so excited that I get to experience her music. Apart from the fact that she’s singing with Snoop Lion, and that the video is in Thailand, where I have only the best and most warm memories. The added treat is that you get to see elephants in the video, I love elephants, my favourite animal ever.

 BUT.. the best part of it, are the clothes, all in white, and everything that I would personally wear, plus styled in a way that I would probably do myself. I mean talk about finding a song of the year. The lyrics also speak volumes of what is predominately on my mind, which is the quest for the perfect relationship. My favourite lyrics from the song are “I heard him speak but then I saw his face. I knew he was the one because I dreamt this day. I was such a beginner on this thing called love” Yes ladies it does exist, that love we’ve been dreaming of, the more we go through men and the experiences they put us through, the more I’m convinced that there is better out there, who is going to mysteriously turn up, in August, All 6 feet 3 or 4 inches of him. Hey, it’s my dream don’t judge, plus this song puts me in the feel good place, where you know that everything has worked out.

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’ve been annoyingly  (to most of my friends) happy and following the Law of attraction. It’s made me abundantly happy, and pushes me forward with relative ease to where I want to go in life, all while surrounding me with cooperative components in the form of rendezvous, people, experiences and mostly manifestations of true desires. I digress, but yes, this song definitely helps me wake up feeling so much more happier, which in turn makes the whole day just that tad bit sweeter.


Toe tappers: Johnny & The Romantics


Talented and dreamy, you’re going to fall head over heels for Jonathan Pinto’s band. Johnny & The Romantics have an easy going sound with heavy undertones of reggae and pop. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this boy sing live at our many open mike nights in college and can’t believe just how much he’s grown. Hopefully soon, he’ll get his big break and come to India to perform, where I’ll be, front row cheering him on. Check out the latest single called Don’t Remember, it’s the perfect pick me up, listen to it first thing in the morning.

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Toe Tappers: Madcon ‘Beggin’

Where was I three years ago when this song hit the radio stations? Oh wait we didn’t have English radio up until a year ago. Well I was watching the very tedious done-to-death dance movie called ‘street dance’ when this song began to play. In hindsight this song did sound better when paired with some catchy but albeit boring choreography.

Listen to the song with a killer set of ear phones, tune out and hum to the melody.

Just in case you were also lost three years ago, here is the song I’m talking about. It’s by artist Madcon, and it’s called Beggin. Enjoy.

Toe Tappers: Swedish House Mafia ft John Martin ‘Don’t you Worry Child’

Being head over heels crazy for a set of DJs, who would have thought? Well if you know Swedish House Mafia, you’ll understand the epic moments one has when listening to their music. Personally, I’ve seen Axwell perform a few times at Sunburn and he was always one of the many highlights of that event. Which makes me wonder just how amazing having all three of them perform together on one night will be. Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso are huge names in the EDM circuit and together they have created many dance tracks that have made clubbing and beach parties all that sweeter. The sad news of their dis-banding makes their ‘One Last Tour’ all the more enticing.

Picture Courtesy

While we’re still uncertain about which cities they will be playing in, I for one will travel far and wide to see them. Yes, I would trek all the way to Delhi even. Think I’m nuts? Listen to the song above, you’ll see snippets of their tour and the concerts they’ve played, the energy and music alone, is enough to make even a newbie to SHM want to go for this ONE LAST show. Thank You Submerge for introducing us to SHM and for being a huge reason for why they’re coming to India.

Toe Tappers: Jennifer Lopez and My Louboutins

Before we get to the song… I want to share with you my Louboutin experience. My new job at Grazia has one BIG bonus, I get to be surrounded by incredible fashion when the stylists call it in for a photo shoot. Well this one shoot was begging for a pair of Louboutins, which is where I spotted them. While I didn’t get to keep them, I did for a moment, get to slip my toes into them.. ahh BLISS. now back to J.lo and the song.

Who knew J.Lo had a song named after our favourite heels!? Well my friend and fellow Christian Louboutin fanatic Leilah Zeenat youtubed the word Louboutin, et voila, this is what first came up. I’m not saying it’s an amazing song just cause it’s got the sacred word, but hey, I can’t help but like it. You think Jennifer got a pair every time she said Louboutin.. I do, she says it at least 50 times! The words aren’t too bad, especially when we think of those men who can’t make up their minds. Well we’d rather stick to our high heels than those flaky men, that’s for sure!

Toe Tappers: Damn your Eyes, Alex Clare

Alex Clare

Picture courtesy

I have to listen to this song every day on my way to work. Damn Your Eyes by Alex Clare was originally an Etta James song and just like the late singer, he too belts it out from the soul. There is such a yearning and pain in his voice, that you’re immediately hooked. You must be asking yourself why I’d choose such a depressing song as this for my journey to work. Well,I can’t quite answer that one, I’ve never been happier, got a great new job, fun colleagues and an amazing bunch of girlfriends. Which means, there is NO meaning behind why I like this song, I just like it.

In fact, you should check out his other songs too, another go to song is ‘Up all Night’ which has a great beat that makes you want to do a little jig, even if it’s a head bob on the local train to work. His songs have a slight dub step feel to them, but it’s more commercial and makes for easy listening. Hope you enjoy this one!

Toe Tappers: Michael Bublé ‘Feeling Good’

michael buble

Let me break it down for you, I am in full heart thumping L-O-V-E with this man. Michael Bublé makes me go weak in the knees which is not good when you’re standing in 4 inch heels! His song ‘Feeling Good’ take him to a whole new level of suave, on par with James Bond, yes I said it! This video which is very 007 is a perfect campaign for the ‘Michael Buble for James Bond’ moment (I’m going to start). Don’t have anything against Daniel Craig, but Micheal is such a better fit for James don’t you think? If you have doubt watch this video and get ready to fall into a puddle on the floor at the sound of his voice!

Toe Tappers: The Black Keys ‘Dead and Gone’

I’m always on the look out for interesting music and well this one I heard at the office. I’ve just recently moved back to Bombay and actually go to an office (daily). We share our office with another company called Dynamite. They have a small group/duo of talented people working for them and I really wish I could get to know them better because they seem so interesting. Although, I’m presuming they don’t like us (me) because we’ve (me) tried striking up conversations and they don’t really respond!  Anyhow, one of the guys who sits next to me everyday played this and I was in LOVE with the band’s sound. So I mustered up enough courage to ask the young guy who the band and the name of the song was. I’m really glad I did, because this band’s music is similar to the stuff I used to listen to when I was younger. Hope you like it too, this one is Dead and Gone by the band The Black Keys.

the black keys

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Toe Tappers: Labrinth ‘Earthquake’ ft Tinie Tempah

I heard this song yesterday in a car that I call ‘Miami on Wheels’ a.k.a Natalie Grant’s Beemer. As she rightly puts it, this song is “so trippy yaa”. I had never heard of Labrinth until last night and boy am I glad I have now. The lyrics are hilarious, the soung is a mix of hip hop, dubstep and EDM. You would think that it would sound awful, but trust me it’s going to get stuck in your head and you’re going to be playing it on repeat.

Earthquake Labrinth

My Favourite line/verse from all the lyrics is.. So let me first apologise, To shirts and the ties, For your make up, Cuz I make you ugly! That is brill! Continue reading