Shoe Bites: I want a Kim Kardashian-esque Family Christmas Card Too

card of the season

I’ve never really been a poser for photographs, but after seeing the Kardashian Christmas card, I can’t help but want to have one of my own. I would however need some people to pose as my hot siblings, I’m an only child you see. The Kardashians are really being true to their reality tv title with their benchmark family Chirstmas card, that is now in 3D! What next a video?!


so much better

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22. Denise (shoes falling from the sky)


Another shopping trip, yes there isn’t much else to do in Alabang, Philippines! Although, tonight I’m going to meet some friends in Makati, which promises to be more exciting, which I’m sure it is! A night of drinks and girly gossip, can’t wait, after the emotional week I’ve had,it’ll be a great change. You’ll have to wait for that though.. till then here are some of my recent buys.

Rain down on me!

falling from the sky

If I had a massive house with an eclectic sort of shabby chic vibe Id love nothing better than this to be hanging over my staircase! OKay it’s a bit much, even for me, I love my heels but only on my feet. I saw this shoe-alier hanging in a footwear store and thought it was a quirky design element. Continue reading

Shoe Bites: F1 Qualifiers a sneak peak.. and Alonso!

whats happening

While I’m nursing a still bruised knee,  friends are getting trigger and adrenalin happy at the F1 weekend in Delhi. I go away for a few months and miss out on all the fun – irony of my life! To keep me part of the loop, they sent me some of their pictures from the track today. I have to say a big thank you to technology and mainly BBm, it’s made file sharing so much easier! Here are a few glimpses of the fast and the furious?! Oh wait, the Metallica fans didn’t turn up! (sorry these jokes are not going to get old soon)

Thank you saunterers Sami & Rida Savanur and Sean Sehmbey for the pictures. Hope you have tons of fun tomorrow guys!

fernando alsonso

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12. Becca (eats her heart out)


It feels like the move into the yellow house is never ending, I still needed to get some things but as mentioned before, Lucy was really very worn out from so I decided to let Becca accompany me. She’s a new friend, very shy and like me has been known to be heartless (even though we wear it on our sleeves). So when we saw one being sold, we just had to get it. Continue reading