27. Celica (gets a make-shift garden)

Here is a peek into my balcony and it’s new plants! it’s been a while since it’s been this green. Hope you like.

The balcony has to be my favourite part of my house. Whether having my evening chai and watching the sunset or having intimate conversations with some friends, it’s the best place to chill out. However, since the house was closed up for over 2 years, the plants all died and with it the ambiance of my beloved balcony. Finally though, with the help of the plant guy down the street and my new Parisian shoes I call Celica, we managed to get it back to some of it’s former glory. My mother and I aren’t very fond of flowering plants, but dad thought it would be nice to have a corner filled with some colour. So far they’ve held up against the sun, but we shall wait and see.

flower section

I’m most kicked about my basil plant or rather mini-tree. I got it from the herb garden at this restaurant called Bistro. This basil plant is divine and in the evenings you can get a hint of it’s sweet aroma. My next herb purchase has to be thyme and rosemary sadly though, I haven’t yet found a good source to buy them.


To my surprise, the taller plants need less water and sunlight which is why they are pushed to the wall and kept protected. I’m still not 100% convinced but since the mali did say this was the best placement for our plants, I’ll just have to see and change it around it need be.

Garden 1

For the night I find that having tea candles dotted around the different shelves and floor lends it’s charm, but I’m not big on a romantic vibe for my sit-out. Which is why I absolutely LOVE my wireless Phillips LED lamps. Very much like the club AER at the Four Season’s in Mumbai, these lamps can be moved around and emit a soft light. They have an interesting design to change colour, just tip it to either side and it’ll turn from white (my favourite) to blue, green, pink, yellow etc. Turn it on its head and it shuts off, great function and entertainment for your friends. All in all a good piece for the outdoors.

not so fairy lights


28. Lyn (doesn’t sh-aer her drinks)

This is Lyn, I’ve been taking her everywhere of late, every event, party and obviously.. AER. Continue reading

27. Kitty (and her Failed Attempt at Impressing me)

Very often you come accross those who are so gorgeous at first and then you see the flaws (circled above), well Kitty was one of them. Continue reading

26. Penny (made it to the 34th floor)

Hey blog world, this is Penny who is an absolute pain, especially if you’re hanging out with her for 16 hours without a break. It’s additionally tiresome to deal with Penny when one (me) has given up alcohol for lent. She is definitely not someone to mess with, she’s been known to hurt toes and even makes holes in carpets, so beware! We hung out on the first day of Lakmé Fashion Week Summer Resort 2012 where we started off the day figuring out why there was a wet t-shirt contest and ended it with the best view of the city.  Continue reading

Shoe Bites: Punished For Writing a Bad Review!

The pen is mightier than the sword, and well I’ve been struck. Continue reading

25. Arina (Apologises for Me!)

I know it’s ridiculous to start a blog and then go missing for, what has it been 3 odd weeks?! I should put in more effort into documenting my love for all this fluff and shoes. I promise to be more regular, but by the end of this post you’ll see what I’ve been happily occupied with.

Since I’ve moved to Mumbai to take up my new role as Head of Fashion for MissMalini.com, I’ve been spending all my evenings with Arina and my best bud Sami Savanur. Continue reading

Oh December, What a Month Part 1 – Motorcross and Pitbull

took a break

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog over the past few weeks, but trust me when I say, it’s been absolutely hectic in this Elevated Saunterer’s life. You are about to see why, I’ve squeezed all my activities into a few posts, in chronological order (I think).  This December, I decided to do it all, say yes to all the invites, be willing to try new things and most importantly be nice to people! Since this change of mind (good riddence to CA banker boy) and heart I’ve not looked back and had an incredible Festive month. So good infact that i’ve decided to carry on this attitude of being… happy. Continue reading

23. Jackie (goes to Miami)


I finally got to go to Miami at the Marriot, a really great club in Pune, although I wish more of the Koregaon/Kalani Nagar crowd would turn up there. It was Natalie’s brother Simon’s birthday and we all headed there to celebrate with him. Amongst the EDM, requesting songs and a whole lot of drinks, I realised that it’s GOOD to be back home (too bad such a big part of me wanted CA banker boy to be there). Keeping those thoughts aside, I did have fun with Jackie, she’s very attention grabbing though!  Continue reading

22. Lucy – En Route, Heading to Mumbai, Waiting in Hong Kong

Lucy is back

I’m so excited to be on my way back to India, for many reasons, but mainly to breathe some fresh air into my old (new) life. Get it? I have so much to look forward to, that I can hardly wait to get on my Jet AIrways flight to Mumbai. I wonder if my cabin crew friends (from way back) will be on my flight, that will make the trip a lot more enjoyable and entertaining.

It’s a bit creepy but the HK airport is so lonely, even in the waiting area for the Mumbai flight. Normally any flight going to India the boarding area is chaotic, know what I mean?

Will blog once I get back home to Mumbai/Pune. Can’t wait to see my friend Smita Jain, the first person I’m going to meet. Can’t believe I haven’t seen in her 6 months! It’s a crime not being able to see people you care about more often.. hmm that includes CA Banker boy

Right now though, after from the boy, the thing most on my mind, apparently the new last Harry Potter movie is Now Showing on the in flight entertainment. Hope it’s on my Jet flight!

Btw! If you were wondering, on my music list to kill the time..

THe XX – Basic Space
Bonobo – Ketto
Ellie Goulding – Under The Sheets
Funkadelic – Maggot Brain
Katy B – On a Mission
Kleerup ft Lykke Li – Until We Bleed
Mord Fustang – Lick the Rainbow
Rihanna – Man Down
Strange Talk – Eskimo Boy
Trentmoller- Moan

Celebrating 1 month of The Elevated Saunterer!

one month

It’s oficially one month since I started the blog and it’s been nothing but absolute fun. Who knew sharing all my stories, heart aches, favourite celebrities and even some of my party bills with you would be so liberating? So this weekend when you go out, have a special drink and a toast for The Elevated Saunterer. I know I will!

A big Thank You to all of you who keep checking in and to all my friends who’ve accompanied me on my high heel adventures. A special thanks goes to all my High Heels for making this possible, wouldn’t have been possible without you! 😉