Shoe Bites: Dreaming of an Alila Diwa Escape

I had the immense pleasure of staying at the Alila Diwa in Goa back in December, and it’s a hotel that you just can’t help but fall in love with. The staff becomes part of your friends towards the end of your trip and that’s what I love most about any hotel; the feeling of home when you’re away. I’m choc-blocked with things this month, but looks like a nice spot has opened up for me in April, to take a trip to Goa and stay at the Alila Diwa. Here are some of my pictures and a few memories from my trip (to know more, check out my review on

Found these guys all dried up and unfortunately.. dead. But dotted all over Majorda beach were these starfish, we did kick a little moist sand over the few that were struggling to survive. The sun is just too harsh down in Goa and this was in December! Poor guys.


The luxury wing of the hotel is called the Diwa club and it’s got it’s very own pool. Waking up in the morning to the sight of that inviting blue oasis is the perfect way to start the day. Add a little jazz music and a puzzle book to that equation (and some garam chai), and I’m a very happy lady. Continue reading


India Resort Fashion Week 2011, Day 1 – How lucky can one girl get?

Since it’s so chaotic here and the other blog posts take more priority, these post are going to be a bit sporadic, so bare with me! but if you want live update then follow all the fashion tweets on @IRFW2011 and mine on @SueCastellino.

blogging bliss

So, yesterday I boarded a flight and headed off to sunny Goa with MissMalini and Team to cover India Resort Fashion Week 2011. I have to say a big THANK YOU to MissMalini for taking me along to cover the event. Not only are we staying at this gorgeous hotel – The Grand Hyatt, Goa, but also because it’s been ages since I’ve done some serious (kindda) fashion blogging (Check out my fashion review on HERE).

Too much Leg!

purple haze

This is what I wore for Day 1 of IRFW 2011, a simple  sequinned dress with some fierce (still unnamed) tan booties both from People are People (Philippines). Now don’t get me wrong, I love mini dresses, but just not on me, I neither have the legs for it or the confidence to pull it off. Although that is reason enough to wear them, just to get over it no? Also I do need to hit the gym, this show of cellulite is embarrassing!  Continue reading

22. Kate (how girls like to party)


Kate hates the rain and it’s ironic because every time she goes out, it pours! This time we went to this outdoor restaurant and although we did have sufficient cover, it still was a little damp. Joining us was Amrita Amarnani and Tina Nandwani for a night of good fun with white sine sangria and delicious gamba. We later on hit a bar/club where the hottest female DJ played the latest electronic/RnB music! The only disturbing part of the evening was the names of the cocktails, I’ve heard of sex on the beach, but never of abortion! Continue reading

21. Denise (likes a tropical atmosphere)


This is Lucy’s cousin Denise, they are awfully alike in many ways and perfect for my everyday troubles and jaunts. It was my mom’s birthday on the second and we decided to take her to this bistro called The Stock Market Café. What I love most about this place is the décor, they heavy pineapple inspiration throughout from the colours to even these gorgeous tiles. (picture above).

Continue reading