Toe Tappers: Rita Ora and Snoop Lion – Torn Apart

Everything about this song, I absolutely adore. It’s got that great Reggae vibe that uplifts immediately upon hearing it. It’s got an awesome (forgive me for this description) booty bouncing bass line and that doesn’t even begin to cover it. First off, a Rihanna look a-like that can actually sing, talk about stardom! Yes, I’m a bit late on the Rita Ora band wagon, but I’m so excited that I get to experience her music. Apart from the fact that she’s singing with Snoop Lion, and that the video is in Thailand, where I have only the best and most warm memories. The added treat is that you get to see elephants in the video, I love elephants, my favourite animal ever.

 BUT.. the best part of it, are the clothes, all in white, and everything that I would personally wear, plus styled in a way that I would probably do myself. I mean talk about finding a song of the year. The lyrics also speak volumes of what is predominately on my mind, which is the quest for the perfect relationship. My favourite lyrics from the song are “I heard him speak but then I saw his face. I knew he was the one because I dreamt this day. I was such a beginner on this thing called love” Yes ladies it does exist, that love we’ve been dreaming of, the more we go through men and the experiences they put us through, the more I’m convinced that there is better out there, who is going to mysteriously turn up, in August, All 6 feet 3 or 4 inches of him. Hey, it’s my dream don’t judge, plus this song puts me in the feel good place, where you know that everything has worked out.

If you hadn’t already guessed, I’ve been annoyingly  (to most of my friends) happy and following the Law of attraction. It’s made me abundantly happy, and pushes me forward with relative ease to where I want to go in life, all while surrounding me with cooperative components in the form of rendezvous, people, experiences and mostly manifestations of true desires. I digress, but yes, this song definitely helps me wake up feeling so much more happier, which in turn makes the whole day just that tad bit sweeter.


Shoe Bites: Going for Armin Van Buuren. My Top 5 List

I said after Swedish House Mafia, I would not go for a concert, but I couldn’t help myself. ‘A state of trance’ has become so immensely popular, and to think that it will be recorded live in Mumbai just makes you want to be part of the madness. While people have been saying that the set Armin Van Buuren will be playing at ASOT600 has already been recorded etc, I try not to be cynical when it comes to music. I remember seeing Armin at Sunburn and it was just the icing, no cherry on the 3 day cake. To get myself all hyper about the concert I’ve put together a playlist of 5 songs that I really want to hear at the concert.

In and out of love is old I know, but he ended Sunburn with this one, and teamed with fireworks and a beach, it was an an exceptional moment

Shoe Bites: Kicking myself for Not seeing Mumford and Sons in India

In the mild winter of ’09 Mumford and Sons came to India to tour and create music with artists here. Where was I?? I’ll be specific, I was studying fashion design in Mumbai, probably worrying about some seam or zip I couldn’t put into my garment. While all the while, they were here making and singing their incredible music. I even saw a glimpse of them perform at High Spirits, which just happens to be down the road for me in Pune. So close, and yet I was so unawares, I’m really kicking myself for this missed opportunity. That’s why I say folks, if you wanna do something even if it’s perceived of as crazy and will change people’s perspective of you, do it; at least you won’t live to regret it!

I hear that their trip wasn’t the most amazing experience, but that is to be expected when you come to India for the first time, the negative sometimes outweighs the positive. Looking back though, I do hope they see only the good from their tour, and return. Having gone through a pretty rough emotional few months, their music has definitely help shed some light on dark days. What an experience it would be to see them perform here in India.

Toe tappers: Johnny & The Romantics


Talented and dreamy, you’re going to fall head over heels for Jonathan Pinto’s band. Johnny & The Romantics have an easy going sound with heavy undertones of reggae and pop. I’ve had the pleasure of hearing this boy sing live at our many open mike nights in college and can’t believe just how much he’s grown. Hopefully soon, he’ll get his big break and come to India to perform, where I’ll be, front row cheering him on. Check out the latest single called Don’t Remember, it’s the perfect pick me up, listen to it first thing in the morning.

Listen Here:
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High Heel Celebrities: The 55th Grammy Special, Rihanna, Beyonce & Katy Perry

Celebrity #1: Rihanna

Wearing: (L-R) Azzedine Alaia dress,  Archive Luciano Soprani dress, (Red carpet) Azzedine Alaia custom made dress
Location: Grammy Awards
Picture Courtesy The Celebrity


Celebrity #2: Beyonce

Wearing:  Osman Yousefzada monochrome jumpsuit
Location: The Grammy awards
Picture Courtesy


Celebrity #3: Katy Perry

Wearing:  Daring Gucci mint green gown and Jimmy Choo heels
Location: The Grammy awards
Picture Courtesy The celebrity

katy perry

Shoe Bites: They Detoured – My night with Swedish House Mafia

My Swedish House Mafia Tour craze started way back in June of 2012, when my friend and EDM enthusiast Leilah Zeenat explained to me over a blissful session of wine tasting, that they were going to perform in India. Since then it’s been an up and down battle of emotions and expectations. December 2012, 10 days before the show to be precise, both Leilah and I tweeted everyday to Submerge/Sunburn/Percept thanking them for bringing the boys down, heck I even introduced my then significant other to the band in the hopes that he would enjoy the concert as much as I would. Then all our dreams came crashing down when, ultimately the show was cancelled due to unfortunate situations. Thankfully, SHM were gracious enough to make it back to India to show their love for us Indian fans.

This is one concert that almost everyone couldn’t wait to FINALLY attend, but as usual there is always some drama. When we got to the venue, one of the ‘people in the know’ informed Leilah that the SHM boys were in fact still in Bangalore, due to their private plane’s technical difficulties. Needless to say, our faces dropped and at that point we would have been happy to even hear a tape recording of them. Luckily the EDM Gods were smiling down on the city of Mumbai and the boys made it to the venue.

What was disappointing was the 30min of limbo before they performed. A big white curtain went up after DJ Shaan and Nawed Khan played, I’m not sure about the rest, but at one point I was thoroughly bored by the ambient slow music and lack of excitement. Finally though what seemed like eternity changed with that iconic Greyhound tune. The boys appeared on stage and the rest was as Barney says legendary.

Two hours of absolute music history. My favourite moment, that in hind sight I should have filmed but was too busy singing along, was when they played Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition. The lyrics flashed boldly in black and white, on the screen and all 49,000 fans started to sing. The hardest part was listening to Don’t you worry child wishing that the boy was there, but who said closure was easy huh? All in all, it was a concert that Mumbai won’t soon forget. Apparently there was a traffic jam till about 3am, I’m not surprised, maybe these gigs need to happen in Pune!

Shoe Bites: Update on Swedish House Mafia in Mumbai

I’ve been seeing these updates on the Submerge FB page and got very confused. Now however my confusion has been put to rest, so I thought I’d share my ticket issue so those in the same boat know what to do.

I got my tickets off BookMyShow. After which I went to Barista a few days before the show and got proper tickets. However, as I was about to get my bands at the venue the gig was unfortunately called off. Leaving me with two tickets and a heavy heart.

Now though, this SHM fan’s spirits have been lifted because.. wrote to me telling me I had to bring in my original confirmation email printout and the card I used to purchase my tickets. So this Saturday, I shall once again be standing in line to get a fresh pair of tickets.

Unfortunately the person I’d originally intended to go with won’t be with me, so the concert with be bitter sweet, Don’t you worry child will always be associated with the boy. Which is why I’m so excited I’m going with my girl Amruta Khatavkar (it’s her b’day today btw), and a host of other girls who all believe that men just aren’t worth the effort.

Toe Tappers: Swedish House Mafia ft John Martin ‘Don’t you Worry Child’

Being head over heels crazy for a set of DJs, who would have thought? Well if you know Swedish House Mafia, you’ll understand the epic moments one has when listening to their music. Personally, I’ve seen Axwell perform a few times at Sunburn and he was always one of the many highlights of that event. Which makes me wonder just how amazing having all three of them perform together on one night will be. Axwell, Steve Angello, and Sebastian Ingrosso are huge names in the EDM circuit and together they have created many dance tracks that have made clubbing and beach parties all that sweeter. The sad news of their dis-banding makes their ‘One Last Tour’ all the more enticing.

Picture Courtesy

While we’re still uncertain about which cities they will be playing in, I for one will travel far and wide to see them. Yes, I would trek all the way to Delhi even. Think I’m nuts? Listen to the song above, you’ll see snippets of their tour and the concerts they’ve played, the energy and music alone, is enough to make even a newbie to SHM want to go for this ONE LAST show. Thank You Submerge for introducing us to SHM and for being a huge reason for why they’re coming to India.

Toe Tappers: Jennifer Lopez and My Louboutins

Before we get to the song… I want to share with you my Louboutin experience. My new job at Grazia has one BIG bonus, I get to be surrounded by incredible fashion when the stylists call it in for a photo shoot. Well this one shoot was begging for a pair of Louboutins, which is where I spotted them. While I didn’t get to keep them, I did for a moment, get to slip my toes into them.. ahh BLISS. now back to J.lo and the song.

Who knew J.Lo had a song named after our favourite heels!? Well my friend and fellow Christian Louboutin fanatic Leilah Zeenat youtubed the word Louboutin, et voila, this is what first came up. I’m not saying it’s an amazing song just cause it’s got the sacred word, but hey, I can’t help but like it. You think Jennifer got a pair every time she said Louboutin.. I do, she says it at least 50 times! The words aren’t too bad, especially when we think of those men who can’t make up their minds. Well we’d rather stick to our high heels than those flaky men, that’s for sure!

Toe Tappers: Damn your Eyes, Alex Clare

Alex Clare

Picture courtesy

I have to listen to this song every day on my way to work. Damn Your Eyes by Alex Clare was originally an Etta James song and just like the late singer, he too belts it out from the soul. There is such a yearning and pain in his voice, that you’re immediately hooked. You must be asking yourself why I’d choose such a depressing song as this for my journey to work. Well,I can’t quite answer that one, I’ve never been happier, got a great new job, fun colleagues and an amazing bunch of girlfriends. Which means, there is NO meaning behind why I like this song, I just like it.

In fact, you should check out his other songs too, another go to song is ‘Up all Night’ which has a great beat that makes you want to do a little jig, even if it’s a head bob on the local train to work. His songs have a slight dub step feel to them, but it’s more commercial and makes for easy listening. Hope you enjoy this one!