Shoe Bites: Anne Hathaway’s Oscar Diamonds

anne hathaway

The only thing brighter than Anne Hathaway’s smile after winner her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress was her drop dead gorgeous diamonds. This Tiffany & Co necklace was the only saving grace about her entire look. While the dress isn’t that bad, we have come to expect so much more from Hathaway. The fabric of her Prada dress looks very laboured over and not in a good way. Who can get their eyes off that necklace? I’m not sure if it was worn back to front, but from the looks of it, it might have. I wish the dress had more drama in front than at the back, going backless seems to be the in thing these days, but aren’t we a bit fed up of the same thing in different packages?


Shoe bites: The Best TV Series Quotes You’ll Want to Use

Picture Courtesy

I’ve been hanging out with a bunch of fun girls who love their TV as much as I do. Quite often we use quotes or think of certain dialogues that we’d love to use when the time is right. While I’m never at a loss for words, I wish I’d use them more wisely, but then again, I don’t think when I talk, I usually just speak my mind (isn’t that better?). The following statements are some of my favourites from their series. I’d like to applaud the script writers for giving us these jewels. Continue reading

High Heel Celebrities: Brooklyn Decker, Lily Collins and Rihanna

Celebrity #1: Brooklyn Decker

Wearing:  Giambattisa Valli Dress and Heels with House of Lavande jewellery
Location: Battleship Photo call, Madrid, Spain

brooklyn decker, battleship

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Shoe Bites: Eva Mendes ‘Skirts’ around Thailand with Boy Friend Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes

While in Thailand presumably to spend some time with boyfriend Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes was spotted wearing this. Does it look familiar to you? Continue reading

High Heel Celebrities: Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie & Olivia Wilde

Celebrity #1: Jessica Simpson

Wearing: Dolce & Gabbana dress with Christian Louboutin heels and Amrapali jewellery
Location: NBC Universal’s Winter TCA party, California

jessica simpson

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Shoe Bites: Matthew McConaughey, Joe Mangianello, Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer’s Stripper movie!

Matthew and Channing

Alright ladies, some much needed eye candy for the holidays comes to us in fours- Mathew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, Joe Mangianello and Alex Pettyfer. Here is the first look at their new movie called ‘Magic Mike’. You aren’t even reading what I’m writing I bet, but rather drooling over these buff boys. Salviate away, because I haven’t seen any eye candy like this all the merry month of December. Can’t wait for this movie to come out, you know I’m going to be watching it with my girlfriends now, don’t you!? On a side note, these actors sure have fancy names, could it be their stage names from their stripper days?  Continue reading

Shoe Bites: Can’t Wait for Dark Knight Rises, I’m a Batman Fan!

Dark Knight Rises

Everybody has their favourite super hero, mine has to be Batman. There is something about his all black outfit, pointy ears, cape and utility belt that made me LOVE him. Plus those amazing cars and gadgets makes him my ultimate hero, no slimey spider webs for me thank you very much. Okay I admit Chritian Bale (George Clooney, Michael Keaton and Val Kilmer) might have had something to do with Batman’s appeal too. Back to the movie; now that the trailer of the Dark Knight Rises has been release and I’ve got glimses of it, I simply can’t wait. Not to forget that joining the cast this time is Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard. What an amazing bunch of actors, all in one action packed movie! Are you as eager to see this as I am? Well if you’re not, after watching the trailer below, you will be! Continue reading

High Heel Celebrities: Katie Holmes with Tom Cruise, Paula Patton & Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity #1: Katie Holmes with Tom Cruise

Wearing: Holmes & Yang dress and Lanvin shoes.
Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol premiere, Ziegfeld Theatre, New York City

katie holmes and tom cruise

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Shoe Bites: Shivan & Narresh Forêt Noire preview

The team

Picture courtesy Rohan Michael Hoole

I can’t wait to see these garments down the runway, seems like I’ve seen the collection through video and pictures but still not in person. Shivan and Narresh, my favourite swimwear and resort wear designers in India are going to debut their fashion film on the 9th of Dec along with their show at India Resort Fashion week. Continue reading

High Heel Celebrities: Going Noir Special – Kristen Stewart, Dita Von Tesse & Mary-Kate Olsen

Celebrity #1: Kristen Stewart with Robert Pattinson & Taylor Lautner

Wearing: Roberto Cavalli gown with Black pumps
Location: Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn Premiere, London, England

robert pattinson, kristen stewart & taylor lautner

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