Oh December, What a Month Part 1 – Motorcross and Pitbull

took a break

I know I’ve been neglecting the blog over the past few weeks, but trust me when I say, it’s been absolutely hectic in this Elevated Saunterer’s life. You are about to see why, I’ve squeezed all my activities into a few posts, in chronological order (I think).  This December, I decided to do it all, say yes to all the invites, be willing to try new things and most importantly be nice to people! Since this change of mind (good riddence to CA banker boy) and heart I’ve not looked back and had an incredible Festive month. So good infact that i’ve decided to carry on this attitude of being… happy. Continue reading


Elevated Saunterer’s Next Stop: Paul Van Dyk

paul van dyk

So tonight The Elevated Saunterer is heading to see Paul Van Dyk with her girls. Can’t wait to go check him out, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting him once before at India’s biggest dance festivals. Maybe you’ve heard of it…SUNBURN!!! Let’s see what he does tonight, new music of some of his old but gold? Continue reading