Travel Hack: My Colour Coordinated Travelling Wardrobe

This travel or packing hack is one of my favourites – yes, I have a colour coordinated travelling wardrobe, and it works wonders (for me). It’s no secret that two of my favourite things are to travel and to look stylish doing it. It’s all about the gram these days, and when you have beautiful locations to shoot at, you want to look the part too.

colour coordinated travelling wardrobe

This is a feat that is often harder than it needs to be due to baggage allowances and how much I can physically haul. Another key point is where you’re travelling to, if it’s an easy journey, then travelling heavy isn’t an issue. However, if you’re going island hopping or to a place that is remote and you need to transport your bags all by your lonesome – then keeping things smart is the way to go.

Nothing tires me out personally than having to manage my bags while travelling. I like to pack what’s necessary and do it with ease, so I have enough energy to pop on an outfit and get to the activities and destinations.

My Colour Coordinated Travelling wardrobe was a happy accident

colour coordinated travelling wardrobe 1

I have a lot of whites in my wardrobe, and usually while packing, I’d put in my whites with a few coloured pieces. However, that only worked for a few outfits and didn’t allow me to mix and match. That’s when I realised if I colour code with a maximum of three main blocks of colour, I could get a range of outfits that could be styled in different ways.

This also meant that I’d carry a lot less, and only pack essentials/staples that could be worn multiple times. I’m not reinventing the styling wheel here with my colour coordinated travelling wardrobe, it’s just something that I personally find super convenient.

Blue and White has to be my favourite combination thus far

blue and white colour coordinated travelling wardrobe 1(1)

Blue and white are my favourite colours, and while shopping, I tend to gravitate to them organically. Not to mention that these colour are neutral and make for a great building block when it comes to creating different outfits – they go with any colour they’re paired with. The key is having neutral staple pieces that you can wear in many ways with different pieces.

Pastels are winners too

pastels colour coordinated travelling wardrobe 1

If stark colours are not your thing, then pastels might be the way to go. Mixing and matching different pastel shades also work a charm, and it’s a combination I’ve used on many occasions. However, they’re a little difficult to maintain, especially if you’re a messy eater and clumsy like me! Again, it’s all about layering and having a few key pieces in your colour coordinated travelling wardrobe.

Having said that, there are a few things I never travel without.

The White Dress

white dress colour coordinated travelling wardrobe

I love a crisp white dress for when I travel. You can wear it alone with some statement jewellery and with a multitude of outerwear and accessories. I have different styles of white dresses that range from casual to dressy and depending on my destination I carry at least two.

The Summer Jacket

summer jacket colour coordinated travelling wardrobe 1

I’m guilty of having a number of summer jackets in my wardrobe in different colours, styles, lengths, fabrics – you name it, I probably have it. This is because even in my daily life, I like to jazz things up with a smart summer jacket to make an outfit pop. My colour coordinate travelling wardrobe always has one summer jacket that goes with my colour scheme so that it can be worn with the other pieces I carry.

summer jackets colour coordinated travelling wardrobe 1

A lot of my summer jackets are multi funtional, meaning it can be worn as a dress, a coat or a bikini coverup. I like buying pieces that can do this – if just one item of clothing can transform into at least three looks, I’m sorted for my vacation.

Bold Earrings

bold earrings colour coordinated travelling wardrobe 1

I love jewellery, but when travelling the last thing I  want to do it carry it all with me. I find that bold earrings are the easiest way to complete an outfit with minimal effort. Often with rings, bracelets and necklaces, you still need to add a few pieces of jewellery to make the whole outfit work. However, with just one pair of bold earrings, the whole look seems to come together.

When travelling, I have a small pouch, where I carry at least 10 pairs of bold earrings, with maybe a few rings and one or two necklaces thrown in. Personally, that’s more than enough jewellery for me.

Functional Swimwear

functional swimwear colour coordinated travelling wardrobe

Alright, so another one of guilty pleasures is swimwear shopping. Whenever I travel, the first thing I need is a good pool or beach. I love being near the ocean or a water body, and that means investing in good quality swimwear.

I have too many bikinis and swimsuits to count – I’m all for style over fashion, but when it comes right down to it, I get the most wear from the one pieces and solid bikinis I purchased years ago. The fancy/fussy ones are usually not something I carry while travelling.

functional swimwear colour coordinated travelling wardrobe 1

Feeling comfortable and confident in my swimwear, especially while travelling is a top priority.  A lot of times, I’ll be island hopping or doing some sort of activity in them, so swimwear that is functional as well as smart is key.

Therefore, I always travel with my one piece, my white and black bikini and maybe one ‘not-for-function’ swimsuit. The good thing about travelling with the same swimwear is that you know exactly what coverups or outfits match with them, and that’s where you can get creative.

A Few Prints Don’t Hurt

prints colour coordinated travelling wardrobe 1

While most of my colour coordinated travelling wardrobe tends to be staples in plain colours, I like to mix things up with some frivolous and often printed items. Wearing the same blocks of colour every day on your trip can be boring so these prints can inject some much-needed personality into your travelling wardrobe.

While they may be frivolous, my practical side does make sure that they can be worn in a few ways. A fun printed sarong is a staple in my colour coordinated travelling wardrobe as I can wear it as a skirt, a jacket, a dress and even use it as a towel on the beach. When buying one, go for a cotton fabric that is long in length. This allows you to drape it in multiple ways, plus it washes easy and dries quickly too.

Two Shoe Maximum

heels coordinated travelling wardrobe 1

Another strict rule, which is really hard as a shoe addict is to carry only two pairs of shoes. I like to have one pair to travel with, usually a sneaker (that can also work for the gym) and one pair of neutral coloured heels or dressy sandals. A pair of cheap flip-flop for the trip, if required, I pick up at my destination, that can then be donated or thrown if completely damaged.

I have sound logic behind this. Firstly, I know myself, I will shop for more shoes, especially if I find unique local designers. So I need space in my bags for when I return home with them. Secondly, I spend a fair bit on my footwear, and unless I’m on one of those luxury trips, I don’t want to risk ruining them. Thirdly, I travel economy and don’t have a huge baggage allowance, so I always travel light and return heavy –  bags and booty!

That about sums it up


The rest of my colour coordinated travelling wardrobe is pretty standard, toiletries, makeup etc. I won’t go into the travel essentials, I’m sure you’re sick of reading about them on other blogs. I do hope my colour coordinated travelling wardrobe is handy for you on your next trip. I know it has definitely helped me with my travels.

Till next time!

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