Shoe Bites: Ear Make-up… a trend?

ear art.jpg

Make up by Violette for Glamour Magazine. Image Courtesy

Clearly I’m not keeping up with the trends, because I thought ear jewellery was the only thing that was ever going to happen to the humble hear – besides, you know… hearing. But colour be stupid, because ear make-up is a thing now. before you dismiss it though, this trend has been popping up all over, from the runway of Louis Vuitton to photoshoots in magazines.

ear art1
Silver ear as seen at Louis Vuitton, spring summer 2016. Image courtesy

I do appreciate trends that make-up artist are always coming up with, and if I was more involved in the fashion world I’m sure I’d be just itching to debut some painted ears. However the next music festival I go to I’m going to ditch the flash tattoos and opt for gold dusted ear lobes!


Image courtesy


Black ear make-up as seen on Anthony Vaccarello Spring 2015. Image courtesy





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