Shoe Bites: Top 5 Positive Steps towards Happiness

Just turn on the TV nowadays and everything from the news to the series we watch are either violent, cynical or negative in nature. Things like this can effect a society as a whole, the more we’re exposed to a certain way of thinking the more we behave that way. The only ones who can change that is ourselves. Finding the positivity isn’t as hard as you may think. It’s the single-handed thing that will help pivot a day from bad to good, or on those horrible days – turn anguish into relief.


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Positivity is so important as it brings you closer to your natural state – which is a happy shiny person. The fundamentals of happiness in my opinion are – 1. Only you are in charge of your happiness. 2. No matter how much you try you can’t successfully help people be happy if they aren’t. Keeping that in mind here are my top 5 things to start you on your positivity journey towards happiness.

#1 – 15 min Meditation

sue aus.jpg

Me at the beach in Australia. #Tip: The best place to meditate is outdoor with a view of something beautiful.

I’ve been doing this off and on now for 2 years. The days or weeks that have the best experiences are usually the ones where I dedicate just 15 minutes to quieting my mind. Trust me, for any normal human it is ridiculously hard to do this for more than 30 secs in the beginning. Our brains are on over time from the moment we open our eyes. There are countless books, videos and the like out there, find one that works best for you. My method is to just sit or lie down in a comfortable position. I then concentrate on my breathing, when a thought pops up I listen to it and then go back to my breathing again. This way I’m not fighting the thoughts but just breaking the chain so that it doesn’t lead to another. In time you’ll notice it gets easier.

#2- Funny Pet Videos


My cat – Kohji. At his cutest, rolling on the floor.

The best thing that has ever happened to my life, is my gorgeous cat Kohji. He is a rescue cat, and the best decision I’ve ever made. Kohji wasn’t my first choice though, there were two kittens up for adoption, and his companion, a cute little ginger kitten was the front runner. However when both the kittens came home, this tiny little black and white ball of fur kept exploring the house, sitting on my lap, running to my mom…you get the idea. He and I knew this is where he belonged. If you have a pet, you know how much joy and good vibes they bring. However if you’re pet-less, get on to youtube and start watching some pet videos.. I prefer cat videos as I’m a psycho cat lady! A few mins watching of playing with your pet, and immediately you begin to feel happy.. am I right?! who else agrees?

#3 – Remembering your Favourite Quote.

tis too shall pass.jpg

Love this quote. I will one day get this tattooed on me!

Not all of us have time for a 15 min break when major fights, crisis at work or arguments break out. In that heated moment the best thing to do is remember a quote or two that can bring you back to a place of clarity.

quote 1.jpg

Written in my journal from last year – one of my favourite quotes from Abraham Hicks.

When you feel attacked, or when you’re surrounded by negativity, I like to use these quotes as a mantra. Something to help bring focus, switch off and concentrate on the good of the situation.

#4 – Oracle Cards


My first set of Oracle Cards. The Archangel Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

After a super long day, one where it’s been rough with the people you work with, the people you love and maybe even your cat who just wants attention. On those all too tiring and emotionally draining days, I personally need an energy boost that usually comes from consulting with my oracle cards. While you can use them as a fortune telling tool, I prefer to use them as a feel good quick fix. These cards just soothe the mind and calm the feelings. Sometimes they deliver harsh truths and some message may be gentle and just what you need.


My favourite cards – The Unicorn Cards by Diana Copper.

Don’t blindly believe in these cards, but just use them to make you feel good or bring to the surface things that need your attention. My go-to cards are the Doreen Virtue’s Magical Mermaid and Dolphins Oracle cards (Buy:, Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Oracle Cards (Buy:, and my current favourite The unicorn Cards by Diana Cooper (buy:

#5 – Play Games!


Super Addictive game- HearthStone is a must play! Picture Courtesy

Get on your phone, your laptop, ipad – what ever gadget you have and start playing some games. Nothing is more distracting and uplifting than getting passed that hard level of Candy Crush(anyone else feel me?). If you can focus your mind on one thing completely, it will begin to change your mood and you’ll be able to improve the situation that was causing you unhappiness. Finding positivity in a mundane action like playing a game no matter how silly it is, is the way to go to lift your spirits. My favourite games at the moment are Candy Crush, Hearthstone and Shuffle Cats (all available on ipad app store and free!)


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