Shoe Bites: Epic Game of Thrones Style

Social meetings, dinner out with the boyfriend or even drinks with the girls have to be re-scheduled because it’s Game of Thrones night. It’s on every Tuesday here in India and nothing  comes between me and GOT. This love affair with the show doesn’t seem to be dying down and I kind of want to step up my ‘thonesy game’ – just watching isn’t enough.

The women in Game of Thrones have the coolest off-kilter style that any midieval fashionista loves. While I don’t want to look like a walking costume party, I do want to incorporate some dragon/armour pieces into my everyday wardrobe. Here are my top picks to achieve that thronesy style.

House Targaryen


Picture Courtesy

The Dothrakhi khaki days are behind her and  I much prefer the new polished breaker-of-chains Daenerys. Clean lines, strong silhouettes and metallic jewelry, that is the dragon queen’s style. Opt for statement reptile-esque jewelry pieces paired minimalist clothing to get her look.


Dress available at


Jewelry Available at

House Stark


Picture Courtesy

Move over Arya, Sansa Stark is getting bolder and bolder and so is her style of dressing. Broody dark colours, long layers and statement fur all put together with an avenging smirk. Sansa’s style is anything but timid. Think Indian contemporary in unusual colours when aping her look.


Ridhima Bhasin outfit available at

House Lannister


Picture courtesy

The character everyone loves to hate, but can’t get enough of.. Cercei Lannister. Her style is decadent, majestic and shrouded in a veil of gold locks (until that ridiculous high sparrow debacle). Get her style with bell sleeve dresses and chunky gold jewelry.  That look of revenge though.. that has to come from deep down.


Dress available at and necklace available at

House Tyrell


Picture courtesy

Queen Margaery is all about bold shoulders, daring peek-a-book dresses and showing off her royalty. Can’t wait for her to get back on her game and away from the high sparrow! Channel her style by opting for a sexy cutout dress and jewelry worn as clothing- a regal touch.

colory pernia.jpg

Dress available at Outhouse cape choker available at

Lord of Light


Picture Courtesy

Maroon, burgundy and any shade of demonic red is the way to go when “channeling” the Red woman. Don’t forget the eternal youth choker, who wouldn’t want one of those?

lord of light

Dress available at Necklace available at



Picture courtesy

Broken away from chains and emerged a strong, collected and poised adviser to Daenerys. Missandei’s style is simple, utilitarian and uber sexy. Unique crop tops and wide legs pants or skirts achieve her look.


Crop top and Wide Leg trousers available at


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