Shoe Bites: The 10 min Happy Game


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While finding the most gorgeous pair of shoes is almost always an instant way to feel happy for me personally, it’s the sense of finding that perfect shoe and the essence of having the shoe that ultimately gives you that satisfaction. I hate to admit it but it wasn’t the actual shoe itself, although they are pretty awesome. Hypocritical I know, but just stay with me a minute, or however long it takes you to read this blog post.

I’ve been following the Secret and reading upon the law of attraction, and it has never failed me, and I’ve only been practicing it a couple of months. Through it I’ve manifested a car, a job, the people I want to be with and most importantly done away with a lot of insecurities that held me back. I find that a lot of the times we get so hung up on ‘not knowing the outcome’ of something that we get stuck in a place where we are unhappy, worried and even sometimes frustrated at the lack of change. When I sense this happening to me I quickly remove my note book (has lots of pictures of high heels in it, my happy images), or a word doc and write the following statement – WOULDN’T IT BE NICE IF…

To get you going, focus on something that is bothering you right now, but rather than focusing on the situation, focus on on the favorable outcome you desire. From my own experience, I’ll give you an example of wanting a certain relationship to work out. Think about all the happy things that you would like to happen or has happened with regards to that person or situation. I started off with:

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could stop asking the person to be perfect for me and they could stop asking the same of me. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could stop worrying about the relationship and look at it as exciting and wonderful the way we first both viewed it. Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that same exhilaration on that day that I saw that person and thought this really is IT. Wouldn’t it be nice to recapture that moment and they recapture it too. Wouldn’t it be nice to fast forward to that place where we both knew that no matter what the red flags in our personalities that this is the perfect relationship and we could grow together with it.

I think you get my drift, focus on the essence of whatever positive outcome you wish to have. This isn’t wishful thinking or an escapist view on reality, its simply a personal emotional journey you do in 5 or 10 mins to uplift your own spirits and continue your day. The feeling of satisfaction from already having that perfect job, partner, wardrobe, penthouse, children soothes even the most cynical and depressed of minds. Some might say it is a disillusioned way of looking at the world, but then I would argue that if something makes you happy there is nothing wrong with it. Plus, you’re taking away the negativity and insecurity of the situation, which frees you on a personal level. A sense of letting go. Try it once with an open mind. If it makes a difference, then my thought of ‘wanting to improve someone’s mood today’ would’ve been fulfilled 🙂

This blog post is for all the positive people in my life right now, who never allow me to give up on my quest for happiness, love and abundance. THANK YOU

PS – This wasn’t an inspired original thought, it’s something I stumbled upon with my incessant research on everything to do with The Secret.. which lead me to Abraham Hicks, I suggest you read into their work with a pinch of salt.

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