Decoding the Runway: Top 4 picks from Day 5 at Wills India Fashion Week

Finally the end to a long week, while I miss not being at the shows, it was nice to be able to cover it from a pictures only perspective. It’s refreshing to not have the chatter about a collection being amazing just because someone is popular or friends with the designer.

Manish Arora

Manish Arora

Manish Arora 1

Pictures Courtesy Wills India Fashion Week

Stepford wife meets the Adams family is what sprung to mind when I saw these two looks. The collection did have a whole lot of dizzying prints and general chaos that’s very Arora, but i like the restraint displayed in these two.



Picture Courtesy Wills India Fashion Week

There was a whole lot of black and white on offer at this show, but this look in particular was my personal favourite. It screams out layered madness in a way that only we fashion folks love. Why wear anything separately, clothes are so much more interesting when all thrown on together.

Myoho by Kiran & Meghna

Myoho by Kiran & Meghna

Picture Courtesy Wills India Fashion Week

Perfect for the summer, a bright red dress and the essential light weight cover-up to protect you from the sun. As I mentioned before in my Victoria Beckham post, tone on tone is so on trend right now and effortlessly classy.


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