Shoe Bites: Insomnia leads to a Fashion Alphabet!?


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I’ve been sleepless for a while and reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle isn’t helping, his Sherlock Holmes stories are so fascinating that I blame him for my insomnia today. All this reading made my mind wander, as it some times does when staring at a page with tiny letters. I wondered whether if in school, we were taught the alphabet with an association to things we actually like, would we then learn faster. I mean A stands for Apple but what if A stood for Armani? Here is what I’ve come up with, a mix of designers, models, sayings, garment design details etc. You got any better replacements?

A – Alexander McQueen
B – Basic Bodice Block
C – Christian Louboutin
D – Diane Von Furstenburg
E – Elie Saab
F – Fashion Week
G – Gucci
H – High Heels
I – Issey Miyake
K – Kate Moss
L – Lycra
M – Madonna
N – Naomi Campbell
O – “Over The Top” (OTT)
P – Prada
Q – Queen Elizabeth II
R – Roger Vivier
S – Stella McCartney
T – Trench Coat
U – “Uber Chic
V – Versace
X – XS (size)
Y – Yves Saint Laurent
Z – Zips


One response to “Shoe Bites: Insomnia leads to a Fashion Alphabet!?

  1. How i just wish…this was true! Atleast then i would have like chemistry and all those other not so fashionable subjects hahahah!! smart one Sue…..xx

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