Shoe Bites: Pune, Not a Place for Picnics?

I’ve been noticing a few things about my lovely city, and while I can’t possibly think of any other place that feels like home, there are things about Pune that I wish we could do more freely and more often. Is it too much to ask for… A Picnic.


Picture Courtesy Green Wedding

I would love to pack up a big basket full of yummy snack foods, cutlery, checkered napkins, vanilla scented candles, along with some heady wine. There is nothing more charming than setting up a proper picnic and spending time with friends (or lover boy) or better still that paper back you’ve been itching to read. Yet, we just don’t have those massive parks that allow us this small joy. Yes we have parks, but I doubt we’d manage to go 5 mins without a cop stopping us from drinking our wine. Or be able to shoo away voyeuristic passer-byres, why are they so many?

The solution then, is to take a small trip to somebody’s farm house, where they have a big enough lawn to accommodate this activity. With a little bit of planning, something that was meant to be impromptu, can be made possible.


One response to “Shoe Bites: Pune, Not a Place for Picnics?

  1. honey, you don’t want alcohol in the parks, trust me. 🙂 not even here in NY it’s allowed. just keep having picnics in your lovely city of Pune (I loved it there) and if you attract attention, ignore, maybe.. half of the people who check you out will think, hey what a great idea. will have to get my folks together next weekend to do the same… 🙂

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