Shoe Bites: Dreaming of an Alila Diwa Escape

I had the immense pleasure of staying at the Alila Diwa in Goa back in December, and it’s a hotel that you just can’t help but fall in love with. The staff becomes part of your friends towards the end of your trip and that’s what I love most about any hotel; the feeling of home when you’re away. I’m choc-blocked with things this month, but looks like a nice spot has opened up for me in April, to take a trip to Goa and stay at the Alila Diwa. Here are some of my pictures and a few memories from my trip (to know more, check out my review on

Found these guys all dried up and unfortunately.. dead. But dotted all over Majorda beach were these starfish, we did kick a little moist sand over the few that were struggling to survive. The sun is just too harsh down in Goa and this was in December! Poor guys.


The luxury wing of the hotel is called the Diwa club and it’s got it’s very own pool. Waking up in the morning to the sight of that inviting blue oasis is the perfect way to start the day. Add a little jazz music and a puzzle book to that equation (and some garam chai), and I’m a very happy lady.


Love that the staff gives you updates on just how humid it’s going to be during the day, after all, we really do want to know just how frizzy our hair is going to get!

pajama yoga

This by far was the most enjoyable work out I’ve ever had. Yoga at 7 in the morning really helps set the tone for the day. I did my session in a pair of pajama bottoms, the best way to stretch your limbs.


The lamps nestled along the hotel really bring a sense of charm to the atmosphere. I love the way this one casts it’s light on the wall, it’s like a controlled explosion.


Remember to carry your anti-acid tablets with you when you select the 20 dish meal (I’m sure we ate a whole lot more than that) at their Spice Studio. It’s perfect for a hungry family, especially if you have inquisitive kids who want to see what’s going on in the kitchen. The table is near all the busy chefs, so you can see just how they are preparing your feast.


This banyan tree must be ancient, it’s such a pleasure to see that the architect of the Alila Diwa incorporated existing greenery to the design. Gorgeous space to look out on.


The hotel is surrounded by lush paddy fields, which makes the Bistro restaurant the perfect place to catch a cup of coffee, or like me a pre-dinner drink (it is Goa after all).. my favourite the Pina Colada! This picture was taken while sitting in the cabana and I believe arguing about just how sexy Dita Von Teese is.

sunset swim

When I go back, this is what I most want to do. Grab my bathing suit, my head phones (with The XX album loaded on my player) and one of those submerged lounge chairs; to watch the sunset. Bliss. See you soon Alila Diwa!


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