Shoe Bites: Game Night Essentials

Last Friday, my house turned into noise central as everyone turned up for game night. On the table was some good old french fries, chocolate cake, pudding, home-made sandwiches and yummy sausage rolls (all thanks to my girlfriends, they are the best!). The food though was not the high light of the night.  After many rounds of the game Kings, below are some of my key items for a fun game night, one that will have all your friends in a tizzy (especially if there is tequila involved).



The rules are simple, get the ping pong in the cup using the different trick cards. If you manage to perform 3 tasks from the cards, you win. Sounds simple, yet none of us could get a slam dunk. There is a lot more skill involved than you may think. Trust me when I say, the boys are not going to give up trying, especially if they are competitive. It is super entertaining though, plus the cup lights up and makes tribal sounds every time you get the ball in.
Grab it: Landmark (Phoenix Market City, Pune)


Texas Hold’Em Poker or Kings

Alright, I say this with love, if you don’t know how to play, or haven’t got a bunch of friends who are addicted to poker, you’ve probably been living out in the boonies. Make your poker session all the more exciting with these transparent and water proof playing cards (perfect for when you play Kings). They really are very awesome to say the least, plus they keep you on your toes considering they are see through. Difficult to keep a poker face when you think your opponents can see your cards. Don’t worry though, they work just as well are regular cards.
Grab it:



The rules are easy, try and get your team-mates to guess the main word without using the related adjectives beneath it. The trick of the game is to think like your partner to get them to guess the word. I’ve heard some hilarious descriptions while playing.  A friend trying to get the word ‘under’ asks her team-mate, “what is the opposite of above” to which my EDM crazed friend replies “BEYOND.” Not the right word, but made us laugh hysterically. The funniest till date though was a friend’s description of the word ‘Kiss’ – “If I were to touch my mouth to a girl in a romantic manner, it’s called a…??” Sounds peculiar, but everyone got the word right of the bat! It’s a fab game, play it once and you’re hooked.
Grab it: Landmark (Phoenix Market City, Pune)


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