Shoe Bites: Kicking myself for Not seeing Mumford and Sons in India

In the mild winter of ’09 Mumford and Sons came to India to tour and create music with artists here. Where was I?? I’ll be specific, I was studying fashion design in Mumbai, probably worrying about some seam or zip I couldn’t put into my garment. While all the while, they were here making and singing their incredible music. I even saw a glimpse of them perform at High Spirits, which just happens to be down the road for me in Pune. So close, and yet I was so unawares, I’m really kicking myself for this missed opportunity. That’s why I say folks, if you wanna do something even if it’s perceived of as crazy and will change people’s perspective of you, do it; at least you won’t live to regret it!

I hear that their trip wasn’t the most amazing experience, but that is to be expected when you come to India for the first time, the negative sometimes outweighs the positive. Looking back though, I do hope they see only the good from their tour, and return. Having gone through a pretty rough emotional few months, their music has definitely help shed some light on dark days. What an experience it would be to see them perform here in India.


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