Shoe Bites: Like Sapphires in the Sky

I met these two ladies at fashion week last year and was amazed at how well put together they were, from head to toe you knew they loved fashion. Unlike the other girls though, Divya and Dipika Israni, aren’t fashion bloggers but rather store owners who love to bring affordable fashion to girls just like them. Their store Sapphire in Colaba, Mumbai, stocks everything from clothes to accessories.

The girls have sent me their latest range of jewellery and I’ve picked out my top 3 pieces you have to indulge in.

the any occasion bracelet

#1 – The Any Occasion Bracelet
Slip on a shift dress or a simple tee and jeans outfit with this chunky chain detail bracelet. It’s minimal with an industrial feel, a great piece in your jewellery box.

the geometric necklace

#2 – The Geometric NecklaceNecklaces have been getting a lot of face time of late, but I like to pick ones that aren’t just statement making, but rather one that you can wear many times. This one has all that.

the ultra glam necklace

#3 – The Ultra Glam Necklace
Every now and then you need a necklace that will make other girls go.. OHHH why didn’t I find that first. This one is exactly that, it’s got a bit of shimmer for those who like their bling. Plus a definite metal works edge, almost like parts from a garage were used to make it.



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