Shoe Bites: this Valentines day


The great thing about the e-commerce industry picking up in India means better sites that give us simple solutions to hard problems. I love giving gifts, but I’m useless at knowing just what to buy for my friends. As we all know, Valentines day is coming up, and while I have no boy to celebrate with, I do have a host of women to shower with love. is a new site that you have to have bookmarked. The idea behind the website works on the ‘wish list’ concept. Based on their products, your friends and you, can add products to their wish list. Making it easy for people like me to know exactly what to buy. Not just product heavy though, also focuses on what they call ‘experiences’ like dinner for 2 at Hakkasan, or a private sailing trip.


As people say it’s the thought that counts, and at Giftloop, they’ve really thought about how people give gifts. The site allows you and a bunch of your friends to pool in to buy any of their products. Great idea especially if something is a bit out of budget or if you want to give big.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve already been wish listing, and I’ve got a few friends on there that I know just what to buy! Perfect. Thanks Abhijit Jayapal for changing the way we gift! 

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