Shoe Bites: Springs for Peace, Why I support

I always say I have some of the most enterprising and brilliantly giving college friends on the planet. After passing out of the Mahindra United World College India, I took a different route, into the world of fashion and online journalism. Whereas the majority of my friends decided to do life changing things with their careers. The good part of my particular career path is that I can talk about issues that are close to my heart and promote them the best I can. The following story is of Sylvie Gift Nambukeera, my friend from college who was tragically killed in 2011, there is still much mystery behind her death.

In her memory, alumni from UWC have taken it upon themselves to see her dream come true. Back in 2010, Sylvie applied for the Davis Project for Peace scholarship so that she could help bring clean, portable water to the people in Jjongoza, the village she grew up in. In 2012 shortly after her passing, the Springs of Peace Initiative was launched with Sylvie’s original proposal. They hope to raise 20,000USD for the cause.

I quote from their FB page “We have decided to build a minimum of 20 rainwater harvesting tanks in Jjongoza village to collect the rains that fall six months out of the year in this region. To accomplish this, we will be relying on local expertise, initiative and materials, and have projected a 2-year time period in which to complete the tanks.”


Firstly, a generous friend of Sylvie’s has agreed to donate 12,000USD on the condition that the FB page gets 1000 likes, this is so that not only money but her message gets spread. As I see it, this ‘LIKE’ is far more precious than if you were to endorse your favourite band, label or sports team’s FB page.
To like Springs of Peace, click HERE
To donate to the cause, click HERETo know more about Springs of Peace, Click HERE
to contact Springs of peace, email at

Please do all you can to support, I know all my friends out there have twitter/fb/pinterest accounts, if you believe in this, then please spread the word.

My Memory of Sylvie

The clearest memory I have of Sylvie is actually the first time we met, we sat on one of those round tables at the cafeteria and I remember that this shy girl was sitting amongst her country mates just listening to them talk about their first day and travel to India. Joining them (and also being nervous about meeting new people from so many cultures), my lame joke instinct kicked in. Whilst the other girls didn’t quite understand my jokes I remember Sylvie laughing at something stupid I said. I can’t remember the joke and it was probably pretty miserable considering my terrible humor. In hind sight I wish I’d taken more time to get to know Sylvie better. A lesson to be learnt from this though, you never know how much time you have with anyone, and if you care even a little for them, pick up the damn phone and CONNECT.


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