27. Celica (gets a make-shift garden)

Here is a peek into my balcony and it’s new plants! it’s been a while since it’s been this green. Hope you like.

The balcony has to be my favourite part of my house. Whether having my evening chai and watching the sunset or having intimate conversations with some friends, it’s the best place to chill out. However, since the house was closed up for over 2 years, the plants all died and with it the ambiance of my beloved balcony. Finally though, with the help of the plant guy down the street and my new Parisian shoes I call Celica, we managed to get it back to some of it’s former glory. My mother and I aren’t very fond of flowering plants, but dad thought it would be nice to have a corner filled with some colour. So far they’ve held up against the sun, but we shall wait and see.

flower section

I’m most kicked about my basil plant or rather mini-tree. I got it from the herb garden at this restaurant called Bistro. This basil plant is divine and in the evenings you can get a hint of it’s sweet aroma. My next herb purchase has to be thyme and rosemary sadly though, I haven’t yet found a good source to buy them.


To my surprise, the taller plants need less water and sunlight which is why they are pushed to the wall and kept protected. I’m still not 100% convinced but since the mali did say this was the best placement for our plants, I’ll just have to see and change it around it need be.

Garden 1

For the night I find that having tea candles dotted around the different shelves and floor lends it’s charm, but I’m not big on a romantic vibe for my sit-out. Which is why I absolutely LOVE my wireless Phillips LED lamps. Very much like the club AER at the Four Season’s in Mumbai, these lamps can be moved around and emit a soft light. They have an interesting design to change colour, just tip it to either side and it’ll turn from white (my favourite) to blue, green, pink, yellow etc. Turn it on its head and it shuts off, great function and entertainment for your friends. All in all a good piece for the outdoors.

not so fairy lights

One response to “27. Celica (gets a make-shift garden)

  1. Amruta

    OMG! The plants look lovely in the balcony Sue! They completely brighten up the place 🙂

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