Toe Tappers: The xx ‘Chained’

Ten years from now, I can probably still imagine myself listening to this band. The XX are incredibly talented especially considering how young they are. Their new album Coexist is just as good as their previous album. It brings with it the same yearning and numb compassion that the band is known for. Oliver Sim and Romy Madley Croft’s voice are still as elevating as ever and Jamie XX’s touches make every track on this new album something to experience.

Their minimalist contemporary sound is a refreshing change from the EDM and Jazz I’ve been filling in my head with of late. What really makes their music so addictive is their lyrics, each song almost seems tailor made for any (or all) emotion you might be feeling at the moment. Their lack of skill with their instruments have actually helped give their music a sense of simplicity.

Chained is one of the many songs on this album that will speak to you, and whilst it isn’t my favourite on the album, it does have a gorgeous video. The XX don’t make too many videos as they want to steer away from becoming to public or mainstream. Their androgynous and melancholy aesthetic is filmed beautifully and keeps you wanting more.

For more from them:

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Amazing radio performance:

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