Shoe Bites: They Detoured – My night with Swedish House Mafia

My Swedish House Mafia Tour craze started way back in June of 2012, when my friend and EDM enthusiast Leilah Zeenat explained to me over a blissful session of wine tasting, that they were going to perform in India. Since then it’s been an up and down battle of emotions and expectations. December 2012, 10 days before the show to be precise, both Leilah and I tweeted everyday to Submerge/Sunburn/Percept thanking them for bringing the boys down, heck I even introduced my then significant other to the band in the hopes that he would enjoy the concert as much as I would. Then all our dreams came crashing down when, ultimately the show was cancelled due to unfortunate situations. Thankfully, SHM were gracious enough to make it back to India to show their love for us Indian fans.

This is one concert that almost everyone couldn’t wait to FINALLY attend, but as usual there is always some drama. When we got to the venue, one of the ‘people in the know’ informed Leilah that the SHM boys were in fact still in Bangalore, due to their private plane’s technical difficulties. Needless to say, our faces dropped and at that point we would have been happy to even hear a tape recording of them. Luckily the EDM Gods were smiling down on the city of Mumbai and the boys made it to the venue.

What was disappointing was the 30min of limbo before they performed. A big white curtain went up after DJ Shaan and Nawed Khan played, I’m not sure about the rest, but at one point I was thoroughly bored by the ambient slow music and lack of excitement. Finally though what seemed like eternity changed with that iconic Greyhound tune. The boys appeared on stage and the rest was as Barney says legendary.

Two hours of absolute music history. My favourite moment, that in hind sight I should have filmed but was too busy singing along, was when they played Temper Trap’s Sweet Disposition. The lyrics flashed boldly in black and white, on the screen and all 49,000 fans started to sing. The hardest part was listening to Don’t you worry child wishing that the boy was there, but who said closure was easy huh? All in all, it was a concert that Mumbai won’t soon forget. Apparently there was a traffic jam till about 3am, I’m not surprised, maybe these gigs need to happen in Pune!


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