Making Waves: Wal-Mart’s 50 Billion commitment and Aishwarya Rai’s Face

Walmart just announced that they would be putting $50 billion into American made goods over the next 10 years (WWD). Amazing news because whenever I shop at Walmart I hardly ever find anything made in the USA. The only thing I did manage to find was a beige cover up made from synthetic fiber for the pool. I still use it till today, and wish we had more ‘made in the USA’ products.

This news brings two things to my mind. Firstly, this move means that manufacturing goods in the U.S will slowly increase, over the years factories have been boarded up and shut down due to outsourcing to China, India etc. What a great way to increase jobs in the U.S, however with the new norms and regulations, especially with regards to the environment, means that these factories will have to be up and running to a certain code. A feat I’m sure will be tough in this current economic climate, however something I’m sure they will over come in time (10 years time as Walmart’s investment puts it)

In other News..
Do you feel a bit ambushed by Aishwarya Rai’s face on every second billboard? Well this ambassador of L’Oreal will be here for a long time coming due to L’Oreal’s tremendous growth in India. Recently L’Oreal announced the launch of their first Research and Innovation center in India to deal specifically with Indian hair and skin.
According to, Jean Paul Agon the CEO said “With one of the highest growths of the group in Asia Pacific, India is a key contributor to L’Oréal’s objective of reaching one billion new consumers.” This means major investment in the beauty sector and ultimately, better products hitting the shelves due the fierce competition between Indian big-wigs like Hindustan Unilever.

Good news all around, don’t you think?


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