Shoe Bites: Fatih Birol’s interview on BBC HARDtalk

Was flipping through TV channels trying to get away from the soap operas, reality shows and (currently my favourite) crime shows; when I came across this insightful interview with Fatih Birol. Birol is the chief economist and director of Global Energy Economics at the International Energy Agency.

I tried searching for the entire video of this episode of BBC HARDtalk, and fortunately was able to get it. (Got to love youtube). Birol’s practical views on energy from a numbers perspective is refreshing especially when challenged by host Stephen Sackur. I’ve always been enthusiastic to do my small bit for the environment, but this interview with Birol really opened my eyes on how business men who think with their head look at it, and I must admit, I like this approach.

For one, I find his analysis about the US interesting, he said in HARDtalk that the U.S will in 20 years time be self sufficient when it comes to energy consumption due to their developments in domestic oil and fossil fuel harvesting. Apart from that domestic consumption of oil has actually decreased, which was due to Obama’s administration. Just makes you wonder what India could achieve if our brainy minds worked together for a common good.  What I really love about this interview is how fantastic the host Stephen Sackur tackles Birol who called him out on this topic throughout the interview.

The other factor that was very thought provoking was the topic of the Arctic being the saviour to our energy crisis. Personally my short sighted view was that it was definitely a contender to combat the loosing crisis battle. However, Birol raises a fair point, the technology we have currently is still not ideal. Being a complete fashion and lifestyle addict, the issues raised in this interview has certainly given me a lot to think about. So for a new years resolution I’m going to attempt to be more aware of world events from a numbers and analytical perspective; and not my ‘from the heart’ approach.



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