Making Waves: the Power of Social Media & Wang, Messi, Ono

Note from Blogger: This is a new series of posts that will bring together some news that has caught my interest. Not all of it will be about fashion, but includes a range of updates from the music, sports, political, cultural and art world.

Still judging while we tweet?

SM junkie

I’m often mocked by the fact that I tweet, Facebook and blog too much, well according to research and some percentages by BDO USA, Social Media is actually the popular choice for retail marketing. A whopping 86% of chief marketing officers have included social media in their marketing plans. From four percent in 2007 to 86 now, you do the math huh. While many other avenues of social media have popped up since 07, it’s still amazing to see the rapid growth. It’s deffinitely a sort of non-ivasive form of advertizing, which is why it’s become so sought after. Every major brand from high street to high end, big-industrial to small scale businesses, they’ve all got pages on FB or accounts on pinterest.
The Saunterer Says: So next time you judge, just think about the fact that you are very much influenced by social media. You find your news from twitter, updates about your favourite artist, sports and music etc. through FB groups/pages. Let’s face it even Times of India has a twitter account.

Wang, Bang thank you Mam

nicolas picture courtesy the celebrity city

After 15 years of being the creative director for the house of Balenciaga, Nicolas Ghesquière has left. Leaving the fashion world with a cold chill up their spines. Known for its modern and innovative style, Ghesquière carried Cristóbal Balenciaga’s vision and pushed it into being contemporary and apt for our times. After much deliberation and social media frenzy, newly appointed  Alexander Wang was chosen to take the brand forward. Judging from this decision and Wang’s own design philosophy, it will be interesting to see just how the brand will evolve. Those of us who are major fans of Wang’s personal label need not fret, the designer has expressed to the public that he will continue to run his label.
The Saunterer Says: If Karl Lagerfeld can handle a multitude of brands under his stiff white collar, I see no reason why Wang can’t.

Caught in a Messi

Messi picture courtesy the celebrity city

If you know a bit about football, Lionel Messi has been trying to tie or beat Gerd Muller’s record of 85 goals in a year. While the draw between Benfica and Barcelona wasn’t all that important, the unfortunate news was that Messi fell to the ground after a nasty tackle with Artur Moraes. Carried off in a stretcher, fans were all thinking the same thing – will he recover fast enough to break the record. There are still 4 games left and hopefully the Argentine will be back on his feet.
The Saunterer Says: I’m an optimistic, it’s a question of 2 goals in 4 games. Get well soon Messi!

Ono she didn’t!

yoko ono

Picture Courtesy

I can attempt to support even the most outrageous of fashion and fight against the stereotype that we as a collective bunch are shallow, jaded or prissy. But even I had to eat humble pie when I saw Yoko Ono’s collection, that she said was inspired by her dressing the infamous John Lenon. What sounded as excellent fodder for creativity turned into crotch grabbing prints and vulgarity that even for the open minded made you cringe. Sorry Ono, but looks like this mens wear line can be kept for Halloween or maybe, just maybe a bachelorette entertainer’s costume.
The Saunterer Says: While Ono feels that her man Lenon looked desirable in the way she dressed him, if I saw a man walk down the road in these garments, I would do swift turn and run for the hills.


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