Shoe Bites: Cassue – Coming Soon

Been walking down memory lane the last two days, figuring out what exactly I want to do with my label. Firstly, I need to start off by naming it. After much back and forth (in my head) I’ve decided ‘Cassue’ for my RTW and ‘Castellino Couture’ for the eventual catholic bridal label.

This year has been a roller coaster of emotions and with that a change of my personal sense of style. I’ve been heavily influenced by minimalism, and while I try to embrace the ideology the best I can, considering we live in a world of excess, it’s something I strive to achieve. Which leads me to my next problem, will minimalism be part of my design process?


My fashion school days were some of the best design wise, it challenged me on a daily basis and no matter what highs and lows I had, it’s one of those experiences that made you grow. Today I pulled out all my portfolios, clothes and even scraps of fabric I had stuck in my dusty closet. Searching for what my design aesthetic would be from now on. I chanced upon this particular collection I’d designed and realized that out of all the sketches and drafts I’d made it was this one that most caught my eye; 3 years from the day it was conceived.

Starting a small clothing brand, on little to no budget is a constant battle. Any designer without great financial support will tell you what a journey of struggle it will be. But I figure, at age 25, if you don’t do it now, and don’t try to do something that makes you feel happy then you’ll soon find yourself in jobs you don’t love, with people who won’t see you for who you are, because lets face it you are lost, living in limbo.

One response to “Shoe Bites: Cassue – Coming Soon

  1. MeetMeet

    Love d brand name!! cant wait to see more updates on this….!! wats d best thing that cud happen…….A bunch of beautiful gals (who dont knw wat to wear apparently :p) will be dressed finallyyyy in smthing worth hehe!!!!!!

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