Shoe bites: Got 15k? Would you buy Wendell Rodricks or FCUK?

Picture Courtesy Bharat Student & FCUK

‘Think before you buy’…This is a motto I’ve had to harshly consider, especially when it’s mid-month and your funds are rapidly depleting. However, if you really use some practical thought and a whole lot of common sense, you’ll see that your thinking will have you spending on the right things.

A good example of this is what I call the FCUK Wendell scenario. At Lakme Fashion Week winter/festive 2012, I saw the most beautiful minimalist dress from designer Wendell Rodricks. A dress that no matter how many times you wear it, will be appreciated and remain timeless. Having gone to the stall post show, I was pleasantly surprised by the price of the dress. The sales lady told me that it was approximately 14,900rs. 15,000rs and you can grab yourself a timeless Wendell creation. Money well invested.

A month from fashion week, browsing through Palladium mall, I find myself looking at a classic sequined dress, that I thought would be perfect for a friend’s post rokha cocktail party. Having seen it at FCUK, I presumed the dress would set me back about 5-7 thousand, boy was I wrong. Walking in I realized that I was staring at a price tag of exactly 14999rs. Unfathomable, even Zara has dresses for less.

You see my predicament, it’s a matter of value; what gives you more value. Considering FCUK is at every major mall in the country, there will be at least, 10 (or more) women who will have bought the same dress. Whereas only a handful of those Wendell dresses will be made, therefore making this a better purchase. I think both dresses are gorgeous in their own way, and if styled right can be worn numerous times. Yet, I’d put my money on real designer, real luxury, not a high street brand that in time will give way due to mass production. Not to mention that an adept tailor could probably make a version of the FCUK dress.

What’s your verdict?


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