Shoe Bites: The Diesel Party – What Happens Inside, Stays Inside

Last night, after a very long time, I got together with all the fashion kids (so young and already doing so much) and headed over to Diesel’s Fit your Attitude party. It seems like I hadn’t met the gang since fashion week, and in some cases that’s actually the truth! In true Diesel style the party was a bit off-center with a performance by Bay Beat Collective (Raffael Kably was missed, why the no show Raf?) and a chance to win a pair of jeans from Diesel, did anyone win!?

A gold star was hidden in one of the pockets of the jeans, and if you tried on the pair that had it, you won them. Unfortunately I don’t think anyone found that star, this is mostly due to some of us really lazy folks who didn’t try on their fabulous jeans. In my defense I was exhausted from the two other events I went to earlier on. While most denim brands want to sell you a jean that fits your body, Diesel wants to sell you a jean that best fits your personality. That’s a genius idea, after all jeans reflect the kind of person you are, it shouldn’t only be about what size or shape you are.

I was on a look out for those sunglasses I was raving about (remember?), but I didn’t see them ANYWHERE! I wish they’d had a star on them, I’d have tried on every pair till I got it! Isha Luthra told me they were in the store, but I couldn’t find them, plus I was a little busy looking at all the other great stuff from their latest collection. It was so nice to meet Isha yesterday, who I’d met while I tried to study in Milan (story for a rainy day). She’s a buyer at Diesel and an all round good-hearted hottie, soo difficult to find now days! Have to meet up with her more often.

I’m always looking out for a great quote to spit out at those awkward moments, and last night, I found one that I think might be quite the conversation starter (or killer). I’ve heard of ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas‘ but this one I like better. ‘What happens inside stays inside!’. Hmm, Just what was happening in those dressing rooms, I wonder!?!


One response to “Shoe Bites: The Diesel Party – What Happens Inside, Stays Inside

  1. Shruti

    Love the shoes with the zara skirt…Where?

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