28. Lyn (doesn’t sh-aer her drinks)

This is Lyn, I’ve been taking her everywhere of late, every event, party and obviously.. AER. I don’t bother going to any other night club in Mumbai, AER is it for me and that’s not only because DJ fatbat (Shaan Bhavnani) is super cute, plays killer music and such an awesome friend. Amruta Khatavkar would agree with me it’s something about the atmosphere and the absolute fun we’ve had each time we go that makes us not want to go anywhere else! Having said that though, sometimes the music seems a bit too loud and I’m having to shout my conversations, which leads to not having a voice the next day!


As mentioned earlier, I gave up alcohol and dessert for the period of lent and so my 2000rs cover at Aer was spent on.. JUICE! Alright not quite, I tried out all their mocktails (only 4/5, can’t remember), my favourite being the apple sour (the garnish Amruta is posing with, #facepalm), it’s a great mix of sweet and tangy, although maybe next time I’ll tell the bar tender not to put soo much of sugar in the mocktails. I got a sugar high!

Speaking of high, if you really want to make a night of it, these are my recommendations. The gang that night tried out the Sh-aer (2nd pic in this post) which is this gargantuan glass that is meant to be shared, I didn’t taste it but the verdict that was it was yummy, but watch out for that brain freeze as the drink is frozen! If you’re a shooter gal then go with the OMEGA shot, the girls said that it has become their go to shot apart from the normal TEQUILA!

#The omega is a mix of vodka, passionfruit and cranberry. Sound good no?

If you’re Hungry..

.. and I always am, then try out the sweet potato chips, it comes with delicious blue cheese sauce. While I’m not really a sweet potato girl, it was a great treat for the night. Although after two I was DONE, talk about heavy! I’m a little strange (if you hadn’t noticed already) but what really thrilled me about the chips were the forks they came with! yes they were miniature and 3 pronged (is that even right English!?). As usual I didn’t have the presence of mind to take a proper picture! Ah well.. next time!


One response to “28. Lyn (doesn’t sh-aer her drinks)

  1. Moo

    yayyyy!! Sh-Aer made it to Elevated Saunterer!! I’m so glad we ignored the brain-freeze and gorged on it!! yummieee 🙂

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