27. Kitty (and her Failed Attempt at Impressing me)

Very often you come accross those who are so gorgeous at first and then you see the flaws (circled above), well Kitty was one of them. Her stars were crossed and hence she was left alone at Soul to Soul. For those who are new to the blog, I refer to shoes and friends and hence the reference. Now for all the few steps I’m taking to get into  summer fashion mode, first up I bought another heart, as my previous one is sadly left in pune, this time it’s in the form of a hand bag.

Had to have it!

Maybe I should have thought it out, walked with it in the store and then made a decision to buy it, but as with all impulse buys the need to have it over took me. This time though I’m thoroughly happy with my purchase. I got this darling briefcase handbag (dunno what to term it) at Forever New. Although the clasps are a bit tedious it makes up for it with the precious polka dot lining and a small make up mirror attached! Like it?!

Neon Straberries

There is something about chilled strawberries and summer that go together, well I wanted that sweet notion to carry with me. Hence I decided to go out and buy myself the Strawberry puree body lotion from The Body Shop. In all fairness, Amruta Khatavkar bought me the lotion, she’d tweeted about buying all her Body Shop goodies and since I’ve been.. lazy to go to the store right next to my house, I asked her to get it for me. What are friends for huh? She pulled a rabbit out her bag when on the same day she got me neon green nail polish. I’ve been complaining about the fact that I didn’t have enough neon for the summer.. et voila she added to the summer trend I wanted to push! Much Love my moo.

Ink on my Fingers

So I’ve been really unwell, or rather supremely dizzy the last 6 days, all due to my sinuses pressing on my eyes. Yeah gross and sad at the same time, the doctor suggested I give staring at a screen a rest for 2 whole days!! Well to tell you the truth, it’s so.. BORING. There isn’t a thing to do, plus I was too dizzy to go outside, and with Mumbai’s constant movement it added to my disorientation. So I got back to my roots, sketching, designing and being completely.. content. Which leads me to the big question.. what have you been doing lately to feel content?


One response to “27. Kitty (and her Failed Attempt at Impressing me)

  1. Moo

    awwwww… Moo loves you too PiggySue xoxo

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