26. Penny (made it to the 34th floor)

Hey blog world, this is Penny who is an absolute pain, especially if you’re hanging out with her for 16 hours without a break. It’s additionally tiresome to deal with Penny when one (me) has given up alcohol for lent. She is definitely not someone to mess with, she’s been known to hurt toes and even makes holes in carpets, so beware! We hung out on the first day of Lakmé Fashion Week Summer Resort 2012 where we started off the day figuring out why there was a wet t-shirt contest and ended it with the best view of the city. 

I’m usually seated either on the 2nd or the 3rd row officially (and unofficially I squeeze in on the front row for shows that are empty) which means a whole lot of interesting backs to look at when the shows are abysmal. This one I spotted with what we shoes loves love the most! I thought the pink kolhapuri chappals looked adorable and very Indian chic, what say?

This was a rather interesting concept, which I’m still not a 100% clear on. Lakme each season makes t-shirt to mark another one under the belt, well this time they decided to display them in the water feature at the smoking area. The heart you see on the tee is actually made up of finger prints, but who did they belong to? Aki Narula’s? Why didn’t I have the presence of mind to ask somebody! Grrr

Yes they do offer chocolate to sweeten the reviews… haha who am I kidding! Fashion people DON’T eat chocolate, what are you insane, we have to fit into sample sizes (yours truly barely made it into the lycra dresses this time around). On a serious note, these were yum I had to have one, couldn’t resist. Thanks Khusali Kumar for the chocolate!

At the end of the day when I was heading out of the source (the area all the designers showcase their collections to buyers), I noticed that there were little high heel impressions all over the carpet! Such is the torture not only on our feet but on the floor when we wear our stilettos. The carpet and the flooring was so uneven that at some points I went straight into the gaps and made holes in the carpet. It’s so embarrassing to have a heel stuck in carpet!

A special shout out to DJ FatBat aka Shaan Bhavnani, who always makes us groove to his tunes, even when it’s his assistant DJ Deaf playing. He manages to make the night even better than we fashion folks could have hoped for! Follow him on twitter for some seriously #fatBADJokes.. they are pretty miserable, yet still better than mine!

As usual I was hanging with my boys, Shivan Bhatiya, Narresh Kukreja and Siddartth Mahajan and we wanted to go to someplace where we could get a bit of that party atmosphere but with an ease that didn’t require too much energy. So Aer it was, this is also where I got to know Charu Gaur Naidu of The Picky C. She is fully bindass and such a pleasure to hang out with, a REAL girl. You know how much I respect and love girls that don’t hold back and are truly themselves, so it was perfect to end the night chilling with her.

I also got to meet a very enterprising gentleman from Nepal Santosh Shah, who was so insightful about all things to do with politics and the Nepali culture. It’s good to have a non fashion person around at fashion week to bring some perspective on how insignificant sometimes all this fashion fluff really is.


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