The Elevated Saunterer Hearts : Santu ‘Mickey Mouse’ Misra

 Santu is the most fun blogger out there, he is candid, talkative and just a joy to be around. He loves and hates unconditionally so watch out! I love his lust for all things mickey mouse eared, must make a note to find more mickey mouse head pieces for him! Be sure to check out his blog, The Devil Wore. xx Santu

Name: Santu ‘Mickey Mouse’ Misra
His style – Moody
Blogger/ Fashion Student
A quote he likes: If it’s not exciting you’re not doing it right

How I met him: On my trip to Delhi for Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week in 2011
My favorite memory with him: fighting for head piece space on the 3rd row at Lakmé Fashion Week SR2012

Favourite Item in his wardrobe: Pajama Pants (all of them) because they are comfy
If he wasn’t doing what he does now, he would: be hacking computers
1st song on his ipod/phone: Whitney Houston – I’m your baby tonight


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