The Elevated Saunterer Hearts : Lesly Lobeni

I met this pretty young thing at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week, where she was hanging out with another boy I love Santu Misra. I love hanging out with bloggers as they are so full of life and always blantant no matter the situation. Here is Lesly’s Story. Be sure to check out her blog –

Name: Lesly Lobeni
Her style is Whimsical, androgynous and quirky
A quote she likes: Wisest is she who knows she doesn’t know
How I met her: On my trip to Delhi for Wills Lifestyle Fashion Week
My favorite memory with her: Discussing the opacity of her shirt and the shortness of her shorts.

Favourite Item in her wardrobe: Mawi necklace she got from them personally.
If she wasn’t doing what she does now, she would: Studying History
1st song on her ipod/phone: Gym Class Heroes Ft Neon Hitch – Ass Back Home


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