Shoe Bites: Punished For Writing a Bad Review!

The pen is mightier than the sword, and well I’ve been struck. Shivan & Narresh put on a very high fashion resort collection, which showcased a luxurious Handcraft line as well as a more ready to wear line called Mosaic. I’ve loved each garment but… I really didn’t think much of the hats, it wasn’t needed and was distracting.  Having some what mentioned this fact in my review on, the boys were out to get me.

So dressed up in my Victoria Beckham dress, who am I kidding it’s actually an AND Anita Dongre dress, fab huh? I headed to their stall where I was politely ambushed by the duo. My flats taken away and replaced by colour blocked wedges, strangled with a neckpieced and … topped with a hat (all from their latest collection). I wasn’t even allowed to wear my own sunglasses! Ah well, there are far worse punishments than being dressed by them.

It was a great day at Fashion week, hat and all, felt very Anna Della Russo or should I say Isabella Blow? What’s a fashion week without a little fun. Although I was quite nastily (to my face, but indirectly) told off by a former lady of fashion about the way we journalist write and dress, valid point… but hey a least we have a sense of humour and the spirit to not take fashion quite so serious all the time!

Also catch a post written by Afsha Khan on all the sightings at Lakmé Fashinon Week, where my weeping widow look was featured.


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